Propane Heating Service Contracts

CES truck

Combined Energy Services' Service Plans cover most of the things that can go wrong with your heating system. The service contracts include an annual cleaning and tune-up that will help keep your system working efficiently and reliably. CES will perform the annual cleaning and tune-up during normal working hours Monday thru Friday 8 am to 4 pm.

Our annual Cleaning and Tune-up will make sure that your heating equipment is operating at optimal efficiency and includes:

  • Cleaning the heat exchanger and flue pipe
  • Inspect the combustion chamber
  • Clean burners and pilot assembly
  • Clean and check ignition components
  • Oil all motors, fans and circulators
  • Check all operating controls and safeties
  • Adjust flame using electronic combustion testing equipment to obtain the MAXIMUM PRACTICAL EFFICIENCY for your unit.

See details in the follow links:

  • Home Heating Service Contracts are currently being revised (08/01/23)