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Radiant Heating

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Radiant Heaters provide simple, spot heating to objects in the room. They work like the sun’s rays – warmth is radiated from the unit to objects or people in its path. You have to be near the heater, so they don’t warm entire garages like most electric heaters. They’re also efficient and heat more quickly than other types of heaters. Like radiant heaters, they’re ideal for people who want to heat specific areas like a work station.

Indoor Radiant Heating

Most people who own radiant floor heating feel that the more important advantages are comfort and quite operation. Radiant floor systems allow even heating throughout the whole floor, not just in localized spots as with wood stoves, hot air systems and other types of radiators. The room heats from the bottom up, warming the feet and body first. Radiant floor heating also eliminates the draft and dust problems associated with forced-air heating systems.

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Even heat distribution may result in lower heating bills. With radiant floor heating, you may be able to set the thermostat several degrees lower, relative to the other types of central heating systems. This is because the entire surface of the floor radiates about the same amount of heat that the human body does, making the occupant feel warm even though the air temperature might be only 65 Farhenheit (18 celcius). It also radiates this heat for a long period of time.


Radiant systems may result in less infiltration of outside air into the house compared to houses with forced-air heating. Radiant floor heating proponents claim that fuel savings of 15% to 20% over forced air systems are possible. However, recent reports suggest that this may not be the case, since occupants may not be comfortable with a “low” thermostat setting and thus not set it lower. Radiant floor heating also allows for lower boiler temperatures, which may result in the boiler lasting longer (a 45 year life is not unusual).


Radiant floors operate between 85-140 Ferhrenhiet (29-60 ceclius), compared to other hydronic heating systems’ range of 130-160 Ferherinheit (54-71 celcius). To some, the greatest advantage of radiant floor heating is aesthetic. The system is invisible. There are no heat registers or radiators to obstruct furniture arrangements and interior design plans. Radiant floor systems also eliminate the fan noise of forced hot air systems.

“High-Intensity” Infrared Heaters

Similar to radiant heaters, infrared wavelength technology provides targeted warmth to your work area. Since they don’t use a fan, they’re known for their silent operation, but can’t disperse warm air throughout your space like a fan-forced electric heater. Infrared and radiant heaters are great options for small areas or spaces where heat can be directed to one location.

Infrared Space heaters are best applied in buildings with high ceilings and areas where there is a high demand for a heat load, such as loading docks or bay areas

Patio Heaters are used to provide indoor and outdoor spot heating to applications such as restaurant patios, decks and vestibules

Portable heaters are generally mounted to a 20 lb., 10-inch base LP tank and are designed for outdoor or inside areas under construction. They are ideal when temporary heat is required or where a permanent energy source is not available

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