Propane in Agriculture


A fuel that WORKS as hard as you do – Propane Can Do That.

Propane can impact nearly every aspect of your operation

  • Lower Costs: Propane can lower your fuel costs for nearly every application. Today’s propane powered crop dryers are up to 50% more fuel efficient than previous generation dryers.
  • Easy On-Site Refueling: No matter the size of your operation, a local propane provider can customize a fueling plan that’s right for your farm, with deliveries right to your farm.
  • Consolidate Tanks & Billing: Rather than a bunch of small tanks littered all over your farm, consolidate to a large tank! We can take care of setting the large tank and running the lines.
  • Abundant Supply: Propane is made in America, primarily from domestic natural gas, and we have plenty of it. We produce so much; the United States is a net exporter of propane.
  • Fewer Emissions: Propane-powered irrigation engines emit 8 -18 % fewer greenhouse gases than diesel and gasoline engines.
irrigation engines



Lower costs, fewer emissions, happier farmers


Propane-powered irrigation engines are making a major difference on farms coast-to-coast, improving bottom lines, and minimizing operations’ environmental impacts. Today’s engines incorporate the latest technology, so they’re more efficient, reliable, and durable. Ninety-six percent of farmers who use one would recommend a propane-powered irrigation engine; compared with diesel, gasoline, or electric, they’re the clear choice.




Consistent heat, consistent savings


Constant, even heat is key for greenhouse operations, and propane delivers. Not only is propane reliable and safe, new greenhouse heating systems are more fuel efficient than older greenhouse heaters. Those are savings that can directly affect your bottom line.




Fast and efficient


Propane is in its element when it comes to water heating, with greater efficiency and effectiveness than electric, heating oil, or other options. If your operations require a steady stream of hot water on-demand, propane is the answer.




Effective, environmentally friendly


An environmentally friendly alternative to harmful herbicides, propane-powered flame weed control is growing in popularity. The intense heat ruptures plant cells, causing weeds to wither and die just as effectively as other weed control means.




Frost and freeze have met their match


Take the high heat content of propane, and a new, cutting-edge orchard heater design that pushes heat down and out, and the result is increased warm air retention in the crop zone. Combined with propane-powered wind machines, you get a more effective, efficient way to protect orchard crops or vineyards from devastating frosts and freezing.


Crop dryers



Get harvest flexibility and lower fuel costs


Farmers who harvest early bring in more total crop, and a propane crop dryer ensures excess moisture is removed for storage. The extra grain harvested can more than make up for the cost of drying with propane, and new technology is making dryers much more efficient. Participants in the incentive program who purchased new, efficient crop dryers reported a 50 percent reduction in fuel cost per bushel compared with previously owned propane models.




Safe, cost effective heat


Propane delivers clean, efficient heat that can keep animal containment areas warm during the cold winter months, with several space heating options available. All the 2014 incentive program participants reduced or maintained fuel consumption, and they unanimously reported they are likely to purchase or recommend another propane-powered swine animal heating system.




Power when and where you need it


With other propane applications on your farm, a propane-powered generator just makes sense. It prevents costly interruptions in operations and ensures critical farm equipment like water wells and building ventilation fans are always functioning. Propane is also a cost-effective choice for your operation with lower fuel costs and greater fuel-efficiency than gasoline or diesel generators. Additionally, propane has a significant performance advantage: unlike gasoline or diesel, it won’t degrade over time, so it’s always ready to be put to work.down and out, and the result is increased warm air retention in the crop zone. Combined with propane-powered wind machines, you get a more effective, efficient way to protect orchard crops or vineyards from devastating frosts and freezing.

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