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Service Review on September 27, 2021

M. Mendez - Monticello, NY

The staff at CES - Dawn - are excellent with responsiveness and informing me that the issue was resolved. Excellent staff - thank you!


Service Review on August 25, 2021

W. Demeter - Bloomingburg, NY

Glad Steve recommended you guys!


5 Star Google Review on August 20, 2021

J. Spaet - Kerhonkson, NY Location

Combined Energy Services has been providing my propane and related utility solutions for 15 years. BUT...recently, we needed our copper lines replaced, our hot water heater serviced and our new stove connected - kind of a propane triple play! CES sent Brian O.!! And we are grateful, since Brian finished all of the above in a few hours (it could have been a full day!). He was professional, efficient, knowledgeable and polite - a kind of a homerun! I've always liked CES, but Brian is one of the reasons they do so well up in Sullivan County. Definitely worth using! 


5 Star Google Review on August 20, 2021

J. Kahn - Monticello, NY Location

What a great experience! Thank you to Monique <3 you helped me immensely! I will recommend CES no doubt in my mind. Thank you!


5 Star Google Review on August 19, 2021

J. Leiser - Dingmans Ferry, PA Location

It's been a busy couple weeks where Combined Energy has been top notch. Two weeks ago Chris took care of properly installing our gas range after the Lowes installers made some significant errors. This week Tom came out and repaired our fireplace insert so we are ready for winter. Today I was able to get out to the store and thank Marla for her recommendation two years ago for the 5lb CO2 tank for the aquarium and not something larger. Don't be afraid to use the expertise of Combined Energy's employees.


Email to info@ on August 13, 2021

C. Jones - Dingmans Ferry, PA Location

Technician Chris Roberts found and fixed a leak on the back of my stove. He provided outstanding service. Thanks again for the prompt response and professionalism.


5 Star Yelp Review on August 11, 2021

Robert P. - Monticello, NY Location

I'm a retire/disabled HVAC tech. Had a new heating system & generator installed....Which meant upgrading my tanks (i had 2-100 gal tanks). After many INTELLIGENT conversations with Moose, we agreed on a new tank location, and a week later, his crew came to install. The LEAD man & his helper worked GREAT as a TEAM, While the lead man dug a trench through my back yard,,,,the helper disconnected and removed old tanks,and set up the materials for NEW hook up(VERY WELL TRAINED !) After they back filled the trench i was worried about soft spots with my mobility scooter..NO PROBLEM!!! They reset my walk-way blocks and they leveled the ground,,,IN A FEW DAYS,,,YOU'LL NEVER KNOW THEY WERE HERE!!! THE only problem with the job is, NOW I HAVE MORE WORK TO DO to remove the old fence around the old tanks.....LOL TOTAL INSTALL TIME to install 300 gal horizontal tank and trench 35 feet.....3 HOURS !!!!!!!!


Email on August 2, 2021

G. Dunkel - Kerhonkson, NY Location

Nick & Nick did a great job. They were efficient, polite and finished the job by 1:30 pm


Email on July 30, 2021

L. D'Angeli - Andover, NJ Location

I just wanted to reach out and complement your guys on the tank install yesterday. They left the area looking better than it did prior to pulling the old tank out of the ground. Other than grass seed, you would never know they were here. Truly professionals. I just wanted to give you guys a huge compliment. Thank you again for assisting us with our new tank choice. 


5 Star Google Review on July 22, 2021

D. Karl - Monticello, NY Location

Excellent Service & Pricing for your energy needs.


5 Star Google Review on July 22, 2021

Dr. J. Lauterstein - Monticello, NY Location

CES has been my fuel supplier for many years. Today I decided to let them also clean my furnace, because we had an oil smell in the basement. Brian Osborne was the technician doing the work. He was professional, knowlegeable, and did an excellent job cleaning the furnace and corrected the oil smell. He left the work area neatly clean, and discarded the litter. Thank you.


5 Star Google Review on July 19, 2021

K. Baker - Monticello, NY Location

Although it took some time to obtain a rate quote for propane, Jamie was excellent in taking care of what we needed. She is very responsive and made sure we were set up for service.


5 Star Google Review on June 16, 2021

T. Scarano - Monticello, NY Location

CES Was extremely professional when I needed to close my late father‘s accounts. Viv was one of the customer service representatives that helped immensely and went out of her way to keep the transition smooth. I will definitely be a CES customer again in the future!


5 Star Google Review on June 15, 2021

D. Panda - Monticello, NY Location

We are new customers with Combined Energy and we couldn't be more pleased with the service and professionalism

we have received! Jamie D. has been woderful to communicate with. She responds to all of our emails and

helped get us set up quickly. With this kind of service I can see us being customers for a very long time.


5 Star Google Review on June 13, 2021

Gary Z. - Monticello, NY Location

A week back we had a build up of pressure in our tank and it was hissing bad. My wife got very scared called CES and

Brian O. came right out, fast and friendly. He explained exactly what happened with the

tank and why the pressure built up. Great guy and great company!


5 Star Google Review on June 1, 2021

Matthew G. - Kerhonkson, NY Location

We had a gas leak on Memorial Day. Brian O. came out within an hour. He was polite and efficient. He made everything safe. Great service!


5 Star Yelp Review on May 31, 2021

Amanda R. - Monticello, NY Location

Brian O. was great! He was fast and efficient. He took care of a gas leak for us on a holiday.


4 Star Google Review on May 2, 2021

Seamus O. - Dingmans Ferry, PA Location

Always had very good service with personable, friendly techs. They have never left us in the cold with their automatic propane deliveries.

I would recommend them.


Comment Sent on April 26, 2021

W. Pryer - Roscoe, NY

Outstanding job on my furnaces. Brian answered all my questions.


Comment Sent on April 13, 2021

R. Klingman - Highland Lake, NY

CES has great service! I'm very happy.


Comment Sent on April 12, 2021

K. Stalter - Dingmans Ferry, PA

Chris is fantastic! Got my fireplace working perfectly.


5 Star Google Review on April 12, 2021

Norm O. - Monticello, NY Location

Brian O serviced our furnace this morning. Very thorough job and a real gentleman! Discovered a problem which he immediately took care of. Thank you!


Comment Sent on April 12, 2021

B. Stevens - Monticello, NY

Spectacular service! Tech was professional, did a great job. I'm quite pleased, can't say enough positive things!


Comment Sent on April 8, 2021

H. Castro - Sussex, NJ

Dan did a very good job hooking up my generator.


Comment sent on April 2, 2021

D. Stretz - Milford, PA

Good furnace service as always. Tom is friendly, accurate and neat.


5 Star Google Review on March 30, 2021

Mark M. - Monticello, NY Location

Technician Brian O. was great! Came to my house and diagnosed the issue very quickly!


5 Star Yelp Review on March 25, 2021

Michael K. - Monticello, NY Location

CES is going to clean and tune up my hot air furnace and boiler under the early bird special. This is a good price.

Ann has been very helpful & very nice. She is an asset to CES and myself. Thank you!


Comment Sent on March 23, 2021

B. Stevens - Monticello, NY

Spectacular service! Tech was professional, did a great job! I'm quite pleased. Can't say enough positive things.


5 Star Google Review on March 18, 2021

Bill M. - Monticello, NY Location

Thanks for your prompt and cheerful responses. You guys at CES have been great! No comparison at all to our previous supplier.


5 Star Google Review on March 15, 2021

Mary P - Dingmans Ferry, PA Location

Great company to work with. Dawn was fantastic. She provided awesome customer service

getting us an emergency fill during the last snow storm. Thank you!


Comment Sent on March 11, 2021

K. Fallon - Salisbury Mills, NY

5 Star review on Google! Quick, professional & thorough!


Comment Sent on March 10, 2021

J. Alpert - Kerhonkson, NY

Very good service! Pleasure to have hot water again.


Comment Sent on March 8, 2021

C. Ramsay - Rock Hill, NY

Excellent Service! We called, Brian came and did a great job!


5 Star Yelp Review on February 28, 2021

Cara W. - Monticello, NY Location

We just signed up for Combined Energy Services and Lavinia was extremely helpful and

knowledgeable as this was our first home. We look forward to working with CES.


Emailed office on February 18, 2021

I. Gallogly - Ellenville, NY

A big thank you to CES and your driver for coming out today in the snow! I wasn't sure if the weather would be an issue of not.


5 Star Google Review on February 17, 2021:
V. Klecha - Dingmans Ferry, PA Location

Propane was a whole new experience for me and I have to say this company and all the people involved

made it so much easier. They were well prepared, especially with all the snow.

The whole team from beginning to end was professional and kind.


Call into office on February 15, 2021:
N. Colonna - Milford, PA

I take my hat off to your guys. I saw a driver trudging through a few feet of snow to make a delivery for a customer.

Delivery drivers are often under appreciated. A lot of drivers wouldn't have gone through the snow like that.


Comment Sent on February 12, 2021

T. Langone - Glen Spey, NY

Tech was awesome! Came right out and was very attentive.


5 Star Google Review on February 8, 2021:
Alegna E - New Hampton, NY Location

As a new customer to Propane, it seemed so confusing to navigate. I reached out to customer service a couple of times already

who answers the phone right away. Today I was helped by a wonderful agent named Viv. She helped me to

understand the process of billing, delivery, and mostly made me feel so at ease about choosing

Combined Energy to heat our new dream home! Can't say enough about Viv - so helpful and kind

and spent extra time with me so I understood everything. Thank you Viv !!!


Comment Sent on January 29, 2021

J. Testa - Roscoe, NY

Tech was excellent, very knowledgeable!


Comment Sent On January 28, 2021:
R. Kissinger - Dingmans Ferry, PA

Thank you for the good, reliable and helpful services CES provides us!


Comment Sent on January 21, 2021

K. Valentine - Warwick, NY

We were very impressed. We've had a lot of work done, and you guys were the best!


Comment Sent On January 19, 2021:
S. Useinoska - Bloomingburg, NY

Brian & Bob did an excellent job!


Comment Sent On January 18, 2021:
S. Breitenbach - Kerhonkson, NY

Brian did great! He explained everything.


Comment Sent on January 16, 2021

D. Dorian - Willow, NY

You alwasy send nice people, efficient and experienced. I felt very comfortable with Zach.


Comment Sent On January 8, 2021:
H. Baker - Callicoon, NY

Guy was great, massive praises! Thank you so much, I greatly appreciated it!


Comment Sent On December 31, 2020:
J. Lombardi – Mongaup Valley, NY

I’ve been a long time gasoline customer but just recently began using propane in my new home.  I did not shop around because I was referred to Pete D. who answered all of my questions and concerns.  He is always available to answer questions.  The ladies I have spoken to in the office have also been very helpful in resolving computer glitches when I tried to sign up online or answering general questions.  Staying local is important to me.  Being a customer and knowing that you support animal welfare organizations absolutely delights me.  That convinced me that I chose the right company! 


Comment Sent On December 30, 2020:
B. Foxworth – Jeffersonville, NY

Very reliable and responsive. Both Pete and Dave helped in arranging service to install a new propane line and setup a gas fireplace in my house. Would definitely recommend- professional group of people and always willing to help!


Comment Sent On December 30, 2020:
S. Rustogi – Kinnelon, NJ

Thank you to all!  We sincerely appreciate your help and scheduling the work for our project as promptly as possible. We wish you all a healthy and happy 2021!


Comment Sent On December 30, 2020:
Kristie M. – Goshen, NY

On November 11th, 2020, Jim & Dan from the Dingmans Ferry, PA location installed 6 tanks in two different locations for whole house generators. They were on time, professional, neat & courteous. Great guys!! However, this could not have been possible without the expertise of Marla, CSR in the Dingmans Ferry location. Marla has been working in the propane industry for many years. Her professionalism and willingness to always go the next step is clearly evident. Marla answered my multiple questions, explaining everything from tank sizes to billing. We are happy with our recent change to CES from another competitor. I would not hesitate to recommend CES and especially the team from the Dingmans location (Marla, Jim & Dan)!


Comment Sent On December 30, 2020:
A. Fischman – Loch Sheldrake, NY

I’m a new customer of CES and the primary reason I have switched to CES after 20 years with one of the larger regional gas co’s is because CES is the only gas co which has a well managed staff operating out of an office during these difficult times. Their sales staff is excellent particularly Ira (Moos) Liff who literally came to my home after the initial delivery to ensure that our heating system was running properly and waited until he was sure it was working. Warm, friendly, professional! Thank you.


Comment Sent On December 21, 2020:
D. Murphy – Shohola, PA

Service was done by Chris, promptly, efficiently & professionally. He was on-time & friendly!


Comment Sent On December 21, 2020:
J. Finkeldie – Milford, PA

Your mechanic, Tom, does a great job!


Comment Sent On December 15, 2020:
M. Bright – Middletown, NY

Ruben was very helpful, explained everything.


Comment Sent On December 15, 2020:
M. Lojek – Livingston Manor, NY

Brian O was awesome!


Comment Sent On December 15, 2020:
A. Mallardi – New Hampton, NY

Ruben was good – Did a fine job.


Comment Sent On December 14, 2020:
L. Hines – Dingmans Ferry, PA

I LOVE this company! I have used them for my cafe ever since I opened in 2007! They have always been helpful and professional. The most recent and greatest way they helped me was when the cafe had a fire and Chris was driving by – stopped and took care of what needed to be done. I love my small town community and supporting the local businesses! THANK YOU – Chris, Marla & Tracy for all the assistance –whenever I have needed it!


Comment Sent On December 11, 2020:
M. Rassi – Stone Ridge, NY

Guys are wonderful, I’m super happy!


Comment Sent On December 11, 2020:
M. McGrath – Narrowsburg, NY

Service is always terrific, guys are great! We Love You!


Comment Sent On December 11, 2020:
J. Spencer – White Sulphur, NY

Zach was extremely professional!


Comment Sent On December 4, 2020:
L. Levan – Liberty, NY

The guys are great!


Comment Sent On December 2, 2020:
A. Guglielmo – Bethel, NY

Ruben did an excellent job!


Comment Sent On November 19, 2020:
D. Lake – Napanoch, NY

You have a very nice & polite service tech in Shain.


Comment Sent On November 17, 2020:
H. Fassell – Wurtsboro, NY

Excellent! Ruben was amazing! He knew exactly what was going on.


Comment Sent On November 17, 2020:
B.Aronson – Fleischmanns, NY

Everything went great! Brian & Zach did a great job.


Comment Sent On November 16, 2020:
P. Johnson – Cocheton, NY

Shain was very pleasant and did a good job.


Comment Sent On November 16, 2020:
D. Hilson – Callicoon Center, NY

Everything is perfect, very pleased.


Comment Sent On November 12, 2020:
A. Ranaudo – Cochecton, NY

Great job!


Comment Sent On October 28, 2020:
M. Veydovec – Dingmans Ferry, PA

We have been a CES customer for years and we are very happy with the services provided. I also want to say that Marla and Tracy in the Dingmans Ferry office are the best. Even in these crazy and hectic times they are smiling and happy and willing to help with any problem. Thank you ladies very much!


Comment Sent On October 20, 2020:
C. O’Connor – Dingmans Ferry, PA

Dawn was so professional and helpful explaining billing and further needs to expand my propane usage.


Comment Sent On October 14, 2020:
R. Mosteller – Dingmans Ferry, PA

Very happy with my new Empire wall furnace. The install guys were very good and nice.


Comment Sent On August 18, 2020:
E. Levi – Monticello, NY

CES’ customer service department is EXCELLENT! Even when you need help with a stubborn website, Jamie and her co-workers take the time to help. They always have the answers to your questions – unusual in this day and age.


Comment Sent On August 17, 2020:
P. Jones – Monticello, NY

I’m very please with the service call. Mark was helpful, efficient & very patient.


Comment Sent On August 17, 2020:
J. Gearhart – Smallwood, NY

Nice job! Shain was polite and I’m very happy with the service call.


Comment Sent On August 17, 2020:
C. Losh – Livingston Manor, NY

Mark did a great job replacing the relay in the air handler. Couldn’t have been better.


Comment Sent On August 17, 2020:
J. Testa – Roscoe, NY

Everything is perfect. Brian was professiona, and just what I expected as always.


Comment Sent On August 14, 2020:
R. Loos – Grahmsville, NY

The boiler replacement absolutely exceeded my expectations – excellent job!


Comment Sent On August 11, 2020:
C. Gundlah – Parksville, NY

Shain was very nice & professional.


Comment Sent On August 11, 2020:
H. Strauss – Glen Wild, NY

Mark was wonderful.


Comment Sent On August 10, 2020:
J. Grizzanti – Warwick, NY

Great job! I really appreciated you guys coming out.


Comment Sent On August 6, 2020:
L. Martinoli – Narrowsburg, NY

Shain was great! He did the job quick & was very helpful.


Comment Sent On July 27, 2020:
W. Bowser – Wantage, NJ

We are please with everything. Ed & Scott did a great job placing the tank. They dug up some large rocks, and placed them in a decorative pattern by the tank. You have been excellent Paul. I can’t thank you enough!


Comment Sent On July 7, 2020:
L. Lentini – Kiamesh, NY

Mark was pleasant, polite, efficient and quick.


Comment Sent On July 2, 2020:
M. Buckstad – Forestburgh, NY

Mark was very professional. It was a great experience.


Comment On Google June 22, 2020:
S. Schaffer – Smallwood, NY

CES always deliver on time & have GREAT customer service! Dawn S. was super helpful in setting me up with a budget plan to spread my payments out over the year. Thanks Dawn!


Comment Sent On June 15, 2020:
M. Beio – Wursboro, NY

Everything working perfectly, great job – thank you!


Comment Sent On June 12, 2020:
W. Pryer – Roscoe, NY

Mark was neat, informative, and did a great job.


Comment Sent On June 9, 2020:
S. Zakheim – Woodridge, NY

Thank you, Jamie, for your assistance this morning. Whenever I call, it doesn’t matter how often or how reptitive or annoying my inquiry is, you are all so paitient. Thank you so much!


Comment Sent On June 3, 2020:
S. Mula – Livingston Manor, NY

Really appreciated how quickly CES cam. Ruben was professional & very efficient.


Comment Sent On June 3, 2020:
D. Shain – Fallsburg, NY

Very good service!


Comment On Google June 2, 2020:
J. Corriveau – Narrowsburg, NY

We’ve had nothing but great experiences with the team at Combined Energy. Dawn in the office. Moose in the field. They’ve communicated well, solved problems quickly for us, and are always responsive, attentive, and professional.


Comment On Google May 18, 2020:
RS MV – Monticello, NY Location

Jamie D. was very helpful when establishing my new account, she explained all the services the company has to offer, and made follow up calls and emails to make it a positive experience.


Comment Sent On May 15, 2020:
C. Mirsky – Monticello, NY

Good job – quick & efficient!


Comment Sent On May 14, 2020:
M. Gorelick – Woodbourne, NY

It was terrific!


Comment Sent On May 7, 2020:
J. Spencer – White Sulphur Springs, NY

Mark was great! Very informative.


Comment Sent On May 5, 2020:
P. Banks – Mountaindale, NY

Brian was great! Very nice young man.


Comment Sent On May 5, 2020:
B. Benayoun – Liberty, NY

Ruben was brilliant! Very nice kid.


Comment Sent On May 5, 2020:
B. Lovelace – Westbrookville, NY

Everything went fine. Brian came in, saw what the problem was & fixed it quickly.


Comment Sent On May 4, 2020:
S. Robbins – Smallwood, NY

All is good. Nothing but good things to say.


Comment Sent On May 4, 2020:
J. Gibson – Woodbourne, NY

Shain did a beautiful job.


Comment Sent On May 1, 2020:
M. Connolly – Smallwood, NY

Mark did a great job. Everything well done.


Comment Sent On April 21, 2020:
J. Johnson – Willoweemoc, NY

Ruben did a fantastic job! It came out better than I expected.


Comment Sent On April 15, 2020:
W. Greenfield – Liberty, NY

My furnace is now working, so I’m very happy about that!


Comment Sent On April 10, 2020:
M. Rhodes – Jeffersonville, NY

Brian & Shain were excellent!


Comment Sent On April 7, 2020:
C. Grenda – Accord, NY

Everything went smoothly.


Comment Sent On April 6, 2020:
R. Scoyni – Monticello NY

Service was great!


Comment Sent On April 6, 2020:
M. Green – Liberty, NY

Everything went well.


 Comment Sent On April 3, 2020:
R. Loos – Kiamesha Lake, NY

Very please with service.


 Comment Sent On March 31, 2020:
E. DeSantis – Kingston, NY

Thank you for continuing to provide timely propane deliveries, especially during these tough times. Special thanks to our propane delivery man, who is always courteous and professional. He is an asset to your company.


Comment Sent On March 30, 2020:
O. Weissman – Livingston Manor, NY

Excellent job! Shain & Mark were awesome!


Comment Sent On March 30, 2020:
M. Terbush – Grahamsville, NY

I’m very happy with how Brian hooked up my Vermont Casting Stove.


Comment Sent On March 27, 2020:
M. Williams – Bloomingburg, NY

Brian was awesome, very thorough!


Comment Sent On March 25, 2020:
B. Brumbaugh – Milford, PA

Ruben did good work. Got right to it and everything is fine.


Comment Sent On March 24, 2020:
B. Bross – Ogdensburg, NJ

It went better than I thought. Chris was great and very pleasant!


Comment Sent On March 23, 2020:
C. Romano – Neversink, NY

Great experience! Shain was fast, very helpful & accommodating.


Comment Sent On March 20, 2020:
G. Valentine – Monticello, NY

Great job!


Comment Sent On March 20, 2020:
N. Weiss – Fallsburg, NY

Tremendously happy with service!


Comment Sent On March 20, 2020:
J. Rahm – Monticello, NY

Excellent service! Ruben was fast, polite and very knowledgeable. CES has always been reliable.


Comment Sent On March 20, 2020:
R. Marans – Swan Lakes, NY

Fantastic Service! It’s amazing how great everyone was, I am really grateful!


Comment Sent On March 20, 2020:
D. Bassett – Milford, PA

Fantastic Job!


Comment Sent On March 20, 2020:
S. Fetner – Kenoza Lakes, NY

Great Job!


Comment Sent On March 19, 2020:
H. Van Nostrand – Kerhonkson, NY

Jeff was extremely pleasant and represented CES well!


Comment Sent On March 19, 2020:
L. Aiuchinger – Livingston Manor, NY

Everything was wonderful.


Comment Sent On March 19, 2020:
M. Lefkowitz – Hurleyville, NY

Service was very good.


Comment Sent On March 19, 2020:
S. Meyer – Callicoon, NY

Wonderful service, Brian did a great job!


Comment Sent On March 18, 2020:
B. Smith – Livingston Manor, NY

Shain was great!


Comment Sent On March 18, 2020:
J. Miller – Monticello, NY

Installation went great!


Comment Sent On March 18, 2020:
M. Rosenblum – Livingston Manor, NY

I appreciate that you guys are working delivering fuel to keep me warm while isolated becasue of the virus.


Comment Sent On March 13, 2020:
D. Boonstra – Hurley, NJ

Excellent job, I’m very happy!


Comment Sent On March 11, 2020:
M. Bazzini – Parksville, NY

Everything is good. Shain & Mark were efficient.


Comment Sent On March 11, 2020:
C. Pope – Kerhonkson, NY

Service was perfect!


Comment Sent On March 11, 2020:
D. Bates – Parksville, NY

Very good, diagnosed quickly & fixed.


Comment Sent On February 12, 2020:
Shawangunk Valley Fire District – Wallkill, NY

We are very please with our initial contacts and follow-up you have provided in making delivery of the new propane tank and we look forward to a most positive relationship with CES.


Comment Sent On February 11, 2020:
M. Milano – Forestburgh, NY

Dave & Shain were great! Efficient, professional, knowledgeable. Job well done!


Comment Sent On February 10, 2020:
C. Hulse – Bethel, NY

From the people we spoke to on the phone to the service techs that came out, all work was very good.


Comment Sent On February 10, 2020:
M. Matthews – Monticello, NY

Everything working fine. Tech was very helpful.


Comment Sent On February 10, 2020:
V. Correale – Livingston Manor, NY

Ruben was great! I can always count on you guys.


Comment Sent On February 10, 2020:
A. Macaluso – Cochecton, NY

Shain was awesome! Very thorough and a great employee for CES.


Comment Sent On February 6, 2020:
J. Marlin – Monticello, NY

Everything is good. The techs did a beautiful job.


Comment Sent On February 5, 2020:
M. Lee-Chong – Dingmans Ferry, PA

Excellent technician! Tom V. was courteous, on-time and prepared to work. We could not expect anything more from him.


Comment Sent On January 25, 2020:
J. Robinson – Ellensville, NY

Very Fast, excellent, efficient, caring service & tech!


Comment Sent On January 15, 2020:
B. Pecarific – Hopatcong, NJ

Viv was very professional, friendly and knowledgeable. She took care of my call and was a pleasure to talk to. I want to thank her for her help and she is “The Best”!


Comment Sent On January 10, 2020:
M. Delawder – Milford, PA

Excellent service! Tom V. is very professional. I am very satisfied and having more work don in the spring.


Comment Sent On January 9, 2020:
K. Kriha – Dingmans Ferry, PA

Tom V. was very thorough and professional.


Comment Sent On January 8, 2020:
H. Marcussen – Hurleyville, NY

Everything went great! Everyone was so helpful!


Comment Sent On January 8, 2020:
D. Bivins – Liberty, NY

Tech was very information and friendly. He worked in a timely manner.


Comment Sent On January 6, 2020:
D. Heckler – S. Fallsburg, NY

Everything was absolutely wonderful! Shain was phenomenal, I’m very pleased.


Comment Sent On January 6, 2020:
M. Jones – Youngsville, NY

Service was excellent – thank you very much!


Comment Sent On January 2, 2020:
D. Clopp – Dingmans Ferry, PA

Chris was very helpful and got right to it. I’m happy with the service.


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