Builder’s Program

The perfect one-stop energy shop for all your commercial needs!

building a house

Whether it’s a brand new home, condominium or apartment complex, a previously built development, strip mall, weekend residence, business, farm or restaurant, CES is committed to providing builders with the knowledge, products and services needed to ensure satisfaction from their home-buyers, year in and year out. Know that we are more than just a fuel provider. We offer the following services:

  • CES Builder Representative – No matter the job, we are happy to send a representative to the job site for a consultation on heating systems, tank installations, piping and appliance sales. Get professional advice before putting the tanks in the ground, on your schedule.
  • Metered Propane Gas Systems – Contractors & developers will benefit from no tank installation fees, no need for tanks at every home, no delivery trucks on the landscaped grounds, professional 24-hour service. Tenants will benefit from paying for what they actually use and not what’s in the tank, budget payment plans and prompt pay discounts, convenience of a monthly invoice at their door, more attractive properties (off-site tanks = beautiful space), and most importantly, no run-outs, tanks levels are constantly monitored.
  • Underground Tanks – Large, ample storage without destroying lawns and landscaping. Perfect solution for all building projects. Leased for $1 per year, it never holds home owners hostage with large fees.
  • Free Exterior Gas Piping & Regulators – Put the tank where it’s easy to refill in the winter and aesthetically appealing for the home-buyer. Whether it’s 15 or 200 feet, we’re happy to work with the builder to install the tank in the most ideal location at no cost.
  • Interior Gas Piping – Our technicians will professionally install interior gas piping from start to finish for one pre-quoted flat rate. If a builder prefers to run their own pipe, finish pressure testing and safety checks is always performed at NO COST to the builder.
  • Removal / Replacement of Fuel Oil Tanks – Fuel oil tanks are subject to deterioration and if a tank is over 20 years old it’s highly recommended having the tank replaced. It’s only a matter of time before it begins to cause serious environmental violations such as soil contamination. The costs of these environmental clean-ups can cost thousands of dollars to the homeowner.CES will perform an on site evaluation of your tank situation, remove and replace a fuel oil tank or convert the home from fuel oil to propane for a nominal fee.
  • Temporary & Construction Heat – CES provides temporary heating solutions to construction project and temporary events. We offer portable tanks, fast installation, tubes and hoses, competitive pricing and remote tank monitoring.
  • On-Site Delivery of Off-Road Diesel – CES provides off-road diesel direct to equipment on site and site storage tank refueling right on the job site. Don’t have a storage tank? No worries – CES can provide tanks with pumps and hoses. Our trucks will visit the job on a pre-determined schedule and time, fill equipment, tanks and/or vehicles.
  • Under Ground and Above Ground Tank Deliveries on Builder’s Schedule! We work with the builder and their schedule to ensure the tank installation is fast and easy.
  • Fuel Oil – If fuel oil is the preference, CES works with builders on tank installation, replacement fuel oil tanks, heating system installations, dependable automatic deliveries and various pricing plans.
  • Professional 24/7 Service and Support – CES has professionally trained staff that’s available 24/7 in the case of service or an emergency situation that might arise.
  • Gas Credits! – As a THANK YOU for partnering with CES on gas heating homes, the builder will receive a 100 gallons gas credit which they can bank for temp heating, use at their own locations or give to new home-buyers as a gift! The choice is up to the builder!
  • Discounts on Gas, Appliances & HVAC Systems – As an affiliated builder, CES is happy to offer preferred rates for heating equipment and appliances. In addition, CES offers the builder a subsidized special wholesale rate for any gas used in the new home during construction. When the builder closes with the home-buyer, CES is happy to read the tank gauge, issue credit to the builder and bill the consumer for the remaining gas.