Off Road Diesel

Low Sulfur Off-Road Diesel Fuel



“When diesel fuel is the life blood of your job – it’s better to deal with the pros!”

For the past 40 years CES has provided direct to equipment and site storage tank refueling on job sites. Our trucks will visit your job site on a predetermined schedule and time, to fill all of your equipment, tanks and/or vehicles. Many of our trucks carry both on and off road diesel so we can fuel all of your equipment, not just construction machinery. We have fueled sites consuming as much as 2,000 gallons per day, and as little as 50 gallons per day. *Not available in all service locations.

Excavation, Logging & Quarry Operations

  • Save on labor costs with CES directly filling your equipment early in the morning.
  • “Rack Pricing” and long term fixed pricing available for long term contracts.
  • Fully licensed & insured.  Don’t risk your project to a ‘fly-by-night’ fuel vendor that may not have proper liability & workers compensation insurance or that can risk getting you tied into a costly diesel tax violation.
  • No taxation forms to fill out for tax rebates on your off-road diesel. We sell actual dyed “off-road, low sulfur diesel fuel” (500 ppm sulfur which meets US EPA regulations) as opposed to clear “on-road” diesel which makes you fight to get your tax money back from the feds.
  • Loaned storage tanks with 110 volt or 12 volt pump / hose.
  • Cold Weather Additive can be added directly to your machinery by our delivery personnel to ensure no gelling in the cold temperatures.
CES can fuel your construction equipment directly

Construction Equipment

Diesel fuel on site or bulk centrally located

Forestry & Logging Operations


From the smallest farm to a large operation, we supply quality off-road diesel for all your equipment delivered when you need it. In addition, we sell tanks of all sizes and pumping equipment to fuel with ease and stay within regulatory compliance.

Back-Up Generator Refueling

  • Diesel or propane delivered directly to your generator tank.
  • Emergency deliveries available 24 hours / 7 days per week.
  • Remote fuel contents monitoring available from CES to take the worry out of watching your tank’s gauge. Wireless transmitter sends signal to dialer in your building which calls CES with tank’s reading. We know exactly how much fuel you have and can deliver accordingly.

Special Applications / Emergencies

Whether it’s a portable medical unit or light towers for a special event, CES has the staff, equipment and know-how to handle the fueling end of your project seamlessly so you don’t have to do a thing. Scheduled deliveries, 24 hour service and competitive prices are what you can expect from CES in any emergency or short-life event requiring diesel fuel.

Mobile Medical Unit fueling

Portable MRI Trailer

Portable light fueling

Portable Light Tower

Diesel Fuel Tanks – Loaned, Rented & Sold

  • Tanks available in 550 & 1,000 gal capacity
  • Pumps available: 110 volt, 12 volt or hand pump
  • Tanks, pumps & hoses sold & delivered at competitive pricing
  • Loaner tanks available for large projects
  • Remote contents monitoring available which calls CES office with exactly what’s in your tank so you don’t have to watch the gauge to reorder

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