Automatic Delivery – The Easy Choice

Take Home Heating Fuel Off Your Worry List – Become an Automatic Delivery Customer


Winter’s here – Let CES Worry About Your Fuel Deliveries!


Auto Delivery Propane

Did the recent cold snap make you concerned for how much home heating fuel you have in your tank? If you’re an automatic delivery customer, there’s no need to be concerned.


We recommend going with our dependable automatic delivery service.


Auto Delivery:

  • Takes the worry out of calling for your fuel;
  • CES tracks your home’s usage and compares it to the outside temperature using degree day forecasting;
  • There’s no extra cost to be on automatic delivery ever;
  • Combined with our 12-month Balanced Budget Payment Plan (that starts in the Spring), we can make home heating affordable and worry free. 

If you CALL for your deliveries, we recommend placing your order when your tank’s gauge is at 30% for propane or at 1/3 for home heating oil.  Additionally, we require at least 5 – 7 working days’ notice. CES does our best to deliver to as many will call customers as possible, but our automatic delivery customers take priority.


Please note that if you allow yourself to run out of fuel and a truck is taken off its designated route there is a hefty off-route fee. If this happens at night or on the weekend there is an additional after-hours fee. 


PLEASE consider AUTOMATIC DELIVERY! Call today at 800-874-1975 and sign up or complete the below form! We offer a variety of plans that spread the cost of heating over the course of a year. Please view the plans here.

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