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Who is the BEST Propane Company for me?

Selecting a propane company comes down to some very personal ideas. Is price the only deciding factor? Do you need services? Examine everything the company has to offer before making your choice.

Regardless of how you use propane in your home, deciding which propane supplier is the best for you, your home heating needs and budget, can be difficult. It’s important to find a supplier that provides the best value for you along with reliable deliveries and professional service. The following tips will help you evaluate and compare which propane supplier is the best fit for you.

Always compare the following when researching a new propane supplier:

  • Assess the product and service options to see if they meet your needs;
  • Check pricing plans for options and flexibility that work within your budget;
  • Weigh delivery options to decide what is the best for you;
  • Evaluate their payment options. Are online and phone apps available for your convenience?
  • Do they have a standard of safety in delivery and operations? The welfare of you and your family is paramount.

Familiarizing yourself with service and product offerings that your local propane providers offer is key to selecting your best choice. These are some of the more common services and products offered:


  • Propane delivery and fill-up
  • Emergency service and repairs
  • Installation of indoor and/or outdoor appliances
  • Purchase or rental of propane equipment, including propane storage tanks


  • Heating systems – Furnaces or Boilers
  • Water heating systems – Storage or Tankless
  • Fireplaces & log inserts
  • Generator fuel tank sizing & fuel

Many propane companies offer two different propane delivery options and you need to make sure which is best for you.

  • Automatic delivery – Propane deliveries that keep your propane tank or tanks full regularly based on your estimated propane usage, degree days and K-Factor.
  • Will Call deliveries – You call your propane company when you need a delivery, which works best if you like to monitor your own propane usage. Be aware that restrictions can apply with this option. It could be a minimum gallon amount or what your tank gauge reads.

Always ask any potential propane supplier the following questions about charges and compare supplier prices among different companies.

  • Storage Tank Installation Fees
  • Do they have a fee for installing and setting up a new tank?
  • What are the monthly lease or rental fees, if you do not own your own tank?
    • Do they sell propane tanks?
  • Are there minimum monthly/yearly purchase requirements? If the answer is "yes," do you meet the minimum?
    • If the answer is "no," what are your options?
  • Is there a cost for propane deliveries? Or fees for transporting propane? If suppliers charge these fees, they usually involve the number and volume (gallons) of propane fuel you need at deliveries.
  • Are there fees for disconnecting and/or tank removal, if you change suppliers or fuel type? Many propane suppliers have personnel costs for service closeouts and removing propane tanks without no possibility of continuing cash flow from soon-to-be formerly active customers.
  • Are there any fees if you have a fixed-term contract with your supplier and terminate it early? And specifically, what actions may lead to these fees? Contract language should specify these charges, which are now pretty much standard charges for most propane delivery firms.
  • Ask about any company policies such as out of gas procedures, and what fees are attached.

Always make sure that you have a propane supplier who is always ready and able to be there when you need them – quickly! At least ask these questions:

  • Do they provide 24/7 customer service and support?
  • Will you talk to a live customer service representative when you call, whatever the time?
  • Do they offer emergency services after hours?
  • What service limitations, if any, exist for emergencies, such as gas leaks, heating system repairs, and water heating systems?
  • Evaluate Safety Records and Customer Satisfaction.
  • Is your propane company local? Do they have the facilities to deliver during a storm or other emergency?

Purchasing Propane Checklist:

  • Always carefully read any written contract from a propane company. You both need to understand any/all products and services they may offer.
  • It is critical to consider pricing, delivery and service commitments that you have agreed to with any propane company. If you think that you have a good deal with your provider, that won’t matter when they cannot be there for you on the coldest night of the year.
  • Try to find a propane supplier with trusted, reliable service and, if possible, automatic delivery service.

Don’t consider just pricing, but delivery and service commitments. This is probably the most important consideration, whether or not your provider is "cheap" won’t matter much when they fail to deliver on a cold winter’s night.

When you’re looking for a trusted, local, family owned propane gas service provider, Call CES @ 800-874-1975 now to ask any questions or submit the form below.

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