Update To Online Account Information

Statements & Invoices Now Available Through the Online Portal

Our online portal just received another update – Statements/Invoices will begin appearing online! That means moving forward you will begin to see these items available for download and print on our online portal via our CES website.


Where to find these items? Go to myaccount.combinedenergyservices.com. If you are already registered, please login. If not, please register your account.


To register first, make sure that we have an email account associated with your account. This is a key part to registering for the online portal. If you do not have an email on your account, you can call, and we will add one or you can complete the form at the bottom. You will also need your account number and the street number of the delivery address. Then click on register and complete the process.


Once logged into the summary page, you will see a drop down on the top left called My Account. Hover over the downward arrow and towards the middle you will see a link for My Documents. Click on this. If there are documents available, you will be able to see the date, type, amount and click on view to see the bill. They can be downloaded and printed directly from the screen.


No bills available? It means that there haven’t been any uploaded to your account yet. Over time, your account history will begin to build. Unfortunately, this is option is not available through the CES app.


Have questions, please give us a call, or send an email to info@combinedenergyservices.com.