Trust CES to be your Propane & Fuel Oil Provider!

When choosing a propane or fuel oil, it’s important to go with a company you can trust!   You want to put your home or business in the hands of a company you can feel comfortable with. Large companies view their customers as a number, a dollar sign at the end of the month.

Family owned companies, like Combined Energy Services treats people like, well…. people! 

CES started as a one truck business and has grown to be one of the largest propane gas & fuel oil suppliers in the region, while remaining independently owned and run by the Taylor Family.

In 1968, Walter Taylor started working nights delivering fuel oil from their office in the family’s home while still working days for a local fuel oil distributor.  

CES never lost focus on Walt’s steadfast commitment to giving excellent service and attention to every customer, regardless of how small.

Throughout the years, Combined Energy Services acquired several companies in the energy industry, diversifying their products and services!

Wechsler Pool Supply Co. – Our commercial pool service and chemical supply division has been servicing customers throughout the Tri-state region since 1932.  Bulk liquid chlorine deliveries for commercial pools & water treatment facilities.

Tri-State Carbonation Service – A full service bulk CO2 distributor that supplies restaurants, bars, breweries and commercial eateries for the carbonation in fountain drinks, nitrogen generators and specialty gas blends and support for busy bars and micro-breweries all over New York State, Long Island, Northern NJ, Easter PA and Western CT and MA.  In addition, TCS installs and services pH control systems for commercial swimming pools, eliminating the need for dangerous chemicals like muriatic acid in pools.

All Gas & Welding Supply Co. – Proudly serves the downstate New York, Eastern PA and Northern New Jersey marketplace since 1980. All Gas serves the highest quality industrial and specialty gases, bulk propane, welding equipment and supplies, filler metals and safety equipment.

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