The CES App just got BETTER!

The CES App was already great for mobile account management. We just added another convenient process that you can do from your phone: Order home heating oil or kerosene. If you are a will call customer (meaning you call CES when your tank reading is at 30% tank), you can now process that order on our mobile app without calling the office.


Log into your CES account on your Apple or android phone. Don’t have the app? Get it here:

Apple products: click here   

Android products: click here

You will immediately see the option in the bottom right corner to Order Fuel. Click on the link. If you have more than one account​, you will see several list on the first screen. Otherwise, click on the opposing arrows in the top right and select the tank or account.


On the next screen verify that this is the correct account and click on Order. In the event that you’ve already placed an order or have a payment pending, you will get a pop up that asks if this is a new order or if you would like to make a payment. Select the appropriate response for your situation and continue to the next screen.


Once on this screen you can fill the tank or select the number of gallons you would like to order by sliding the fill tank button to the left. You can then either type the number of gallons in the box or use the slide bar to adjust your quantity. Please remember there are fees associated with short fills. Visit here to review charges.


When you are satisfied with the quantity of fuel you are ordering click in the top right on Next. A pop up box will appear. If you want to proceed with your order, select Yes. Otherwise return to the previous screen by selecting No.


At this point you select how you would like to pay for your order. There are two options: Credit/Debit Card or eCheck. Complete the required information and press Continue on the bottom of the page. You will then receive a confirmation of your order if everything went through or you will be propmpted to return to the previous screen and re-enter your payment information.


CES is making ordering your next delivery of fuel easier. Whether you are looking for the convenience associated with a few clicks and swipes or if you would prefer to call and speak with one of our Customer Services Reps, we’ve got you covered. Don’t forget if you want a really simple option, sign up for automatic delivery, and totally take the worry out of fuel ordering! Contact us today at 800-874-1975 if you have questions.


 If you have questions about your service or products we offer, please email Do not leave a service or product question in the comments.