Temporary Heating Solutions to the Rescue!

This coming weekend is suppose to bring the first blast of temperatures in the 20’s to our service areas. There are a ton of construction projects in the works that cold temperatures could really put a damper on. From pouring concrete to finishing interiors, cold weather does its job of slowing things down.

Here are some great tips for using propane heaters on a winter job site from ForConstructionPros.com

At site using propane cylinders to power heaters:

  • Make sure propane cylinders are in good condition;

  • Transport cylinders upright and in a secured position;

  • Do NOT use a cylinder of more than 100 lb. of propane inside;

  • Check all cylinders for leaks with an appropriate leak detection liquid.

At sites using external propane tanks:

  • Locate tanks a proper distance from the property lines and structure;

  • Tanks should be located on stable ground;

  • Have a qualified propane technician make all the connections;

  • Protect the tanks and piping from worksite impact.

When using propane heaters:

  • Choose an appropriately sized heater;

  • Keep heater away from combustible materials;

  • Only use in well ventilated areas;

  • Use heaters with safety shut-off valves;

  • Only qualified technicians should repaid equipment.

Don’t forget, for all your temporary construction heating needs, CES has you covered. Find out about our various options on our Temporary Heat page or complete the form below:


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