A high mileage fleet vehicle can save with Propane Autogas

As the price of gasoline continues to rise, the cost savings from converting fleet vehicles to PROPANE AUTOGAS increases.   That’s because propane is cheaper than conventional gasoline, ethanol based gasoline and by far – diesel fuel on a net fuel cost basis.   In fact, the fuel savings for a high mileage vehicle can offset the cost of the conversion usually in less than 12-18 months, saving the owner $30,000 – $36,000 over a 6 year life span of this vehicle.   This savings can practically PAY FOR THE VEHICLE in fuel cost savings. 


Maintenance costs do not increase for converted vehicles.  In fact, by converting to clean burning propane, it may be feasible to extend oil changes which reduces fleet maintenance costs.  


Go Green!   Propane Autogas offers the lowest overall life-cycle fuel costs to high consumption vehicles while reducing Greenhouse Gases (GHG) emissions and improving air quality.  Great PR to tell your customers and the public that you care about the environment and your fleet is ‘going green’!  


Fuel injection technology & bi-fuel ability  (propane OR gasoline):   Today’s fuel injected engines are significantly improved over the old carbureted technologies used in the 1980s and 90s.  Typically, these modern fuel injected systems with sophisticated computer controls work directly with your vehicle’s OEM computer system to "trick" the engine to think it’s on gasoline.  Your engine today can often run on straight gasoline, E5, E10, E85 or propane gas and it won’t know the difference due to the fuel injection and computer systems that regulate all engine controls.   This means no driver involvement, runs seamlessly and if you run  out of propane on your route, the vehicle switches back to gasoline with no involvement of the driver.  This doubles your vehicle’s distance they can travel essentially – but you’d rather get back full of propane for the $$ savings!   


Refueling can be done AT YOUR FACILITY since CES can install tank & dispensing equipment and train your staff.  No more wasted time at C-Stores, no risk of employees filling an extra gas can in the back or topping off the spouse’s car – not that this happens with your fleet, but we’ve seen it many times before.  With a refueler tank at your facility – your fleet can fill right in your own yard as needed. 


If you have a high mileage fleet — feel free to contact Combined Energy Services today for more information and to arrange a test drive at your facility.   As of May 2014, CES has the one of the largest privates fleets of "hybrids" in the tri-state region with 19 vehicles running on propane autogas.  We’d be happy to let you drive one to prove to yourself that there is zero performance difference, same MPG, same acceleration.  Just big $$ savings.  


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