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Retire Your Oil Heating System

Is it time to retire your heating oil system?

Your heating oil system worked well for years. It chugged along keeping your family warm. Now it seems to have lost its vigor. The years have made it less efficient than it was and there seems to be a better alternative on the horizon. Now is the time to consider propane, a solution that performs better, saves money, and is more environmentally friendly.

Today’s propane-powered heating systems outperform heating oil in every way. Once you explore the economical and environmental advantages of a high-efficiency propane furnace, you’ll see you can’t afford not to switch to propane.

Comparing Propane with Heating Oil

Comfortable, consistent warmth for your family isn’t the only benefit of a propane heating system. Here are other advantages you’ll enjoy when you retire your old heating oil system and replace it with propane.

  • Propane systems have lower overall energy costs compared with heating oil systems.

  • Propane is better for the environment, producing 12 percent fewer greenhouse gases and 80 percent fewer NOx emissions compare with a heating oil furnace.

  • Propane gives you flexibility. It can provide you with exceptional home energy performance in water heating, cooking, clothes drying, fireplaces, and backup power generation.

Types of Propane Heating Systems

Choose propane, and pick between high-efficiency furnaces and high-efficiency boilers. Both offer tremendous performance and value for homeowners.

High-Efficiency Propane Furnaces

These furnaces deliver significant value and distinctive comfort. They are affordable, efficient, economical to operate, and kinder to the environment.

  • Space heating for any size floor plan.

  • Rated from 90 – 98 percent efficient.

  • Smaller carbon footprint than most other systems.

 High-Efficiency Propane Boilers

These also lower costs and add value to homes. They serve a variety of space and water heating applications.

  • Heating capacities as high as 299,000 Btu/hr.

  • Additional end use options include snow melt and zoned heating.

  • Many Energy Star rated boilers have efficiency ratings of at least 85 AFUE.

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