CES Offer Remote Tank Monitors

Remote Tank Monitors -Peace of Mind & Convenience

Don’t visit your vacation home in the Catskills, Poconos or Northern New Jersey often in the winter? Too busy to keep an eye on your propane gauge? Afraid you’re going to run out of propane and have your pipes freeze? We have several options that can help alleviate your stress and make you winter visits more relaxing.


First and foremost: SIGN UP FOR AUTOMATIC DELIVERY! With auto delivery, CES takes on the responsibility of making sure your tank stays full. We pay attention to degree days and schedule deliveries at the optimal fill time when your tank is at 30%.


Second – DOWNLOAD THE SMART PHONE APP! With both Apple & Android applications, the CES app is a great way to manage your account. You can view the estimated amount remaining in your tank, look at historical data (both payments & deliveries) and pay your bill. All with just a few swipes on the phone. Get the app from the Apple Store or the Google Play Store. You do need to know your account number to register (Located on a delivery receipt or bill). To use the app to pay your bill, you will also need to set up a billing profile. Don’t forget you can also use our website and both the app & the website use the same login credentials.


Finally – CONSIDER A REMOTE TANK MONITOR! CES offers our customers that heat with propane a cellular monitor that tells us how much propane is in your tank all times. Therefore, there’s no need to have to worry about calling for gas again. These monitors are especially great for weekend homes and those with sporadic heating schedules. Effectively eliminating the fear of running out of gas.


The tank monitor is available for FREE if you use 600 gallons of propane per year. Otherwise, there is a $139/year fee. Look at this as $11.58 per month for peace of mind. Frozen pipes caused by running out of propane and the cost of repairing the damage could go well into the thousands of dollars. For less than 40 cents per day, you can take that worry off your plate.


Contact any Combined Energy Services office and find out how you can take advantage of our cutting-edge technology. CES moving forward, remembering our history – 50+ years of serving local families & businesses. A trusted community partner.


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