Refill Your BBQ Tank with Us

Lower prices for BBQ Tank Refills – Prices dropped even lower!

At a time when store shelves are bare and supplies are limited, CES has lowered its price to fill BBQ tanks to $10 + tax for a 20lb tank. All our AllGas locations offer refills for tanks up to 100lbs.

Tanks sizes 20 – 40lbs can be transported standing up inside vehicles. Anything over 40lbs must be in a truck or trailer securely fastened standing up right (vertical).

DOT regulations state that you can carry no more than 4 cylinders not to exceed a total of 90lbs in a car or SUV. They must be upright (vertical) and securely fastened. Anything above that amount must be in the bed of a truck or trailer again standing upright and securely fastened.

All tanks must also be within test date. If you look at your tank there is typically a date stamped in the collar of the tank. Your tank must be within 10 years of that date to be filled at one of our locations.

So while your local hardware store may be out of exchange cylinders, your local AllGas location can help you out by filling your in-date BBQ propane tank.

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