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Propane Near Me - What to look for in a propane supplier

There are a lot of propane companies out there. Big international conglomerates and small single truck Mom & Pop companies serve communities all over the country, but what makes a good propane supplier for you?


Whether you’re looking for a propane refill for your home or business doing a little research can help. What is important to you in a propane company?

  • Are their propane prices competitive?
  • What fees do they charge for delivery and tanks?
  • Is the propane company local?
  • Does the company service propane equipment, such as propane furnaces or propane fireplaces?
  • Is the propane company dependable?
  • Does the propane company have a good safety record?
  • Do you have the option of an above ground or underground propane tank?
  • Do they offer payment and purchase plans?
  • What are their online reviews?
  • Does the propane company give back to the community?

At Combined Energy Services, we provide a complete package of propane offerings including being locally owned and operated for over 50 years. We have a fleet of GPS guided delivery trucks and experienced drivers who live in the area and know how to deliver safely.


CES also has its own fleet of tankers along with supply depots throughout the tri-state area. We make sure that if there’s a natural disaster that we can get propane deliveries to your location.


So, join the thousands of homeowners, businesses, restaurants, contractors, and builders who depend on Combined Energy Services to safely deliver quality propane gas to you. Call us today at 800-874-1975 or complete the free quote form found here.