Propane Gas Fireplaces vs Wood Burning Stoves

A propane fireplace is an excellent choice if you're looking for a more efficient way to heat your home. Learn about these fireplaces and their benefits!


Propane gas fireplaces are a great alternative to traditional wood burning fireplaces. They provide a cleaner, safer, and more efficient heating option that doesn't require a lot of maintenance. There are 3 types of propane gas fireplaces: Log sets, inserts and built-ins.


They're Affordable.


If you're interested in replacing your old wood burning stove with a propane fireplace, you'll find that they're affordable, clean, and more efficient than traditional wood burning stoves. In many cases you can install an insert or log set in an existing log burning fireplace with relative ease.  Where room heating is your goal, the insert is your better option. While log sets, do put out some heat they are more for ambiance than heating.


A built-in fireplace is a great option where a wood burning unit doesn’t exist. With a variety of exterior design features including glass fronts and decorative mantels, these units can easily heat an area. Available in vented or ventless they come in an assortment of styles to fit any décor.


Why Choose Propane?


Wood burning fireplaces are an option if you don’t mind the mess and have unlimited access to free firewood. If efficiently heating an area is your prime concern, then propane is the way to go. You get 75-99 percent of a fuel’s energy back as heat compared to 10-30 percent with wood fires. Here are a few other reasons to use propane:

  1. No mess – no wood, means not wood chips/bark all over, no ash or sparks, no soot and no chimney to clean.
  2. Turn a propane unit on with a remote or a flick of a switch. It also turns off that easily.
  3. Can be connected to a wall thermostat for ultimate comfort and efficiency.
  4. A propane fireplace can go almost anywhere – from bedroom to family room including outdoors.


Beat the Rush!


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