CES serves the Tri-State Area

Prepared for the unexpected

One of most important things to ask your home heating fuel provider is NOT what’s the price per gallon. The real question should be what does your supply look like in the likelihood of a crisis? Will your current energy provider be able to deliver to your home in case of an emergency or natural disaster?

Yesterday (1-31-19) the Governor of Michigan Gretchen Whitmer asked residents to turn thermostats down. "Due to extremely high demand for natural gas with record-low temperatures, and an incident at a facility, @ConsumersEnergy has asked everyone who is able to please turn down their thermostats to 65° or less until Friday at noon." Why? Demand for natural gas is likely to hit a record high this week, and the heating fuel is in short supply in the region. Pretty scary, huh?

At Combined Energy Services, we have grown and prepared our infrastructure to be able to serve our customers regardless of the situation – be it man-made disaster or mother nature. Our defensive position was developed back when CES was founded. We knew the importance of having an adequate supply chain. We worked in three supply centers into our original service area – Sullivan County, New York.

As demand for Combined Energy Services products grew, we realized that we needed to add supply centers to our new locations. These supply centers, in Ulster & Orange Counties, New York; Dingmans Ferry, Pennsylvania; and then Newton, New Jersey, also served a duel purpose. In the event of a catastrophic occurrence in one location, CES could still provide service with one of its other locations. Brilliant thinking, right?

Between having physical supply locations in three states and a bulk supply location in upstate New York, Combined Energy Services has your home heating fuel supply covered. Couple that with competitive pricing and great service, this 50+ year old family owned business has your back. Can your discount price only fuel supplier claim that? Give us a call at 800-874-1975.

If you have questions about your service or products we offer, please email info@combinedenergyservices.com Do not leave a service or product question in the comments.