Oil to Propane Conversion

Oil to Propane Conversion

Ever thought about converting your oil furnace to propane? It's possible and might just save you a ton of money in the first year of installation.


Here are just a few reasons to consider converting your oil fired furnace to propane: 

  • Fear of heating oil / diesel shortages due to record low inventories in the northeast
  • Oil terminals all over the northeast were out of heating oil early October, could be a precurser for this coming winter
  • The USA has drained the strategic petroleum reserves to dangerous levels experts fear
  • Record high prices for heating oil currently, no idea where it’s headed
  • Some fuel dealers in New England rationing deliveries of heating oil already
  • Propane is approximately 42% less $$ per gallon than oil currently
  • Easy conversion, keep your oil burner in case you ever want to convert back
  • Pre-buy heating oil credit can be converted to a fixed price for propane for the season
  • Propane is domestically produced in the USA, secure supply for winter
  • Burns clean, less maintenance, no fears of leaking oil tank contamination
  • No propane tank to purchase, installed on loan
  • Propane can be used to fuel other appliances in your home such as back-up generator, cooking stove, water heater, etc.
  • Old oil tanks can be pumped out & removed before a problem

How much does it cost?

$2495 installed most burners.  Larger burners may cost more, no-obligation site visit available. 3 year gas purchase agreement required at regular CES home heating rate. Pay upfront, save 8% on installation.