More than a Generator Fuel

Propane is a GREAT choice for your generator, but it can do so much more! 

Propane can be your fuel source for heat, cook your food, warm up your water and light up your fireplace. If you already have a propane tank in your yard for a generator, why not take advantage of everything it can do.

You can use propane for:

  • Furnaces & Boilers – you can even convert an oil unit to propane!
  • Fireplaces & Stoves – loose the mess that wood creates and enjoy the efficiency of gas.
  • Water Heaters – on-demand tankless and tank styles water heaters work in most situations.
  • Space Heaters – direct vent, vent free and garage heaters are all available.
  • Pool Heaters – enjoy your swimming pool longer with a propane heater.
  • Firepits – there is nothing like sitting around a firepit after a long day of work! No ash, no mess.

So when it comes time to replace an appliance, add some energy efficiency to your home, or some simple beauty in a log-set or fireplace – don’t overlook the propane that’s already at your home for your generator. Propane can do that!

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