Monthly Metered Gas Service – Pay As You Go for Propane!

Combined Energy Services’ understands every customer is different and that it’s not always easy to budget gas expenses. 

The fear of a large bill as a result of having a tank filled can deter customers from getting an adequate amount of propane each delivery.  This increases the chances of customers running out of propane and, in turn, forces the propane company to deliver small amounts, more frequently. 

The Solution!!  
Our Monthly Metered Gas Service! 

This allows customers to pay for the gas they use in their home or business and not what’s in the tank!  

How Does The Monthly Metered Gas Service Work?

CES will monitor the propane tank level and the amount of propane used by the home using a cellular tank monitor dialer hooked to the tank and meter.

  • Perfect for homes and businesses.

  • Pay as you go for propane – Pay only for the propane you use and not what’s in the tank.  

  • Similar to a utility bill, CES will send a monthly invoice that reflects the actual amount consumed the month prior.

  • Avoid surprises of large propane bills every time your tank is filled.

  • CES remotely monitors propane tank levels and ensure tank is always full without having to step on the property.

  • Be prepared for emergency situations by having a large amount of propane stored on your property when needed.  No need to worry about shortages.  Or worry about a delivery truck not being able to access the home or business due to severe weather or foad closures.

Large bulk tanks can be installed within 100 ft of your driveway or road. Meters are placed on your home or business and acurately read the usage of propane on a monthly basis.  Similar to a utility bill, an invoice will be mailed to you based off your actual usage.

This great service is offered to Combined Energy Services’ home heating customers on automatic delivery and our commercial use customers for no cost!  

Not a CES customer?  Not a problem!  Learn how to change propane suppliers.  We make it easy for you to make the switch! 

The Monthly Metered Gas Service is the perfect solution to having a large amount of propane in your tank but only paying for propane that you use in your home or business.

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