Is Levelized Billing for You?

Levelized billing or budget billing is the process whereby your estimated energy bill is divided over the course of 12 months. This give you a set amount to pay each month.


Levelized billing takes the guesswork out of your monthly home energy costs by allowing you to pay a set amount each month. You pay an amount based upon your previous usage and estimated fuel costs over the heating season.


How does levelized billing work?


Levelized billing makes energy costs more consistant for customers, despite changes in fuel costs over the heating season. With a monthly billing program, CES will average your historical energy usage into an average monthly payment program.


Our budget specialists monitor your consumption and may need to make adjustments to your payments based upon energy prices. CES does offer pre-buy fixed costs programs that give added insurance to price flucuations.


We also offer convenient automatic billing either through a checking/savings account withdrawal (ACH payment) or you can pay via our online web portal or app.


To find out more about levelized billing call the office at 800-874-1975. The form to receive levelize bill information can be found here. Budgets run May - April.