How to Properly Dispose of a Propane Tank Cylinder

As spring and summer come upon us, the weather will gradually become warmer, more people will go outside and the smell of BBQ will begin to fill the air.

If you use propane grills, at some point, the propane cylinder tank will come to the end of its life cycle and no longer be serviceable. When it’s time to get rid of your old propane cylinder, it’s important to know how to properly dispose of a propane tank cylinder. Proper disposal is a matter of environmental safety, as well as personal and home safety.

Since many of these cylinders are portable, customers can take the tank to their local propane company where they know how to properly dispose of them.  This is the safest and best option. Residual propane may be left in the tank, and the propane company has the knowledge and equipment to safely remove the product.  After the product is safely removed, the tank is depressurized, all the valves and fittings are removed and the tank is scrapped.

Unlicensed individuals attempting to remove gas from a cylinder or any propane tank prior to disposal can result in fire, injury or death.

Leave it to the professionals. Combined Energy Services accepts cylinders at their office locations at NO COST (1 lb. camping type cylinders cost $2 each).  The decision is safety and environmentally driven – to keep cylinders out of the waste stream, keep them from being thrown roadside since they cannot be discarded, and protect area fire fighters since if they, they will accumulate on properties. 

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Don’t Fill up – Hook up!!

Connect your home propane tank to your BBQ that already supplies gas to appliance.  CES will connect your grill through a propane grill connection to your propane tank. 

Eliminate the need for tanks! Installation is easy!

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