Make sure your tanks are accessible

Helping Us Help You

Delivery & Service Safety

Being able to make safe, efficient deliveries and service calls is paramount to our operations. We train our employees how to make and maintain safe service calls to our customers. Unfortunately, all this can be turned upside down when we arrive at a home that hasn’t taken into consideration the person who has to get to their tank or equipment.

While you’re outside doing yard work or planting that flower bed, please tank a look at the area around your tanks. Is the filler pipe for your oil tank free of debris so that come this fall/winter the delivery driver can make a safe & quick delivery to your home?

The lid to your propane tank is a haven for hornets and wasps. Take a moment when you’re mowing your lawn and check under the lid. Please clean out any nests or lawn clippings that have made their way inside. Recently one of our drivers found a bird’s nest with eggs on the inside of the lid.

Check your vent pipes and make sure there is nothing blocking it. It is important that the exhaust your equipment has a safe way out.

If you know that a delivery is pending, make room for the delivery driver to pull or back in the driveway. Cars, toys and believe it or not – children and pets make it harder to maneuver that big delivery truck. Also, while we LOVE pets, not all pets love strangers. Keeping them and our service techs / drivers safe is important to you receiving a delivery or getting work completed on your equipment.

So, while you are outside doing yard work or in your basement going through storage, take a moment to look at and clean up the area where we may be venturing. We thank you for your time and consideration!