Don't take a chance with your home's energy prices

Combined Energy Services offers two different pre-buy options for your home's heating fuels. These plans allow you to purchase your home's heating fuel at a fixed price that will not go up during the heating season.*




Pay for all your fuel in advance for the season in order to get the best possible rate! CES is proud to have offered our program for over two decades, saving our customers millions of dollars! We add your monthly gallon requirements with hundreds of other CES customers to purchase winter contracts in 42,000 gallon allotments. This ensures we know EXACTLY what our costs will be months in advance. (winter months are Oct 1st thru April 30th).


The plans are as follows:

Plan A: “Pre-Payment Protection Plan with a “Capped Price“:
This plan comes with a capped price for gallons purchased that you use during the heating season, but offers the advantage of a lower price if the market drops during the heating season.


We contract for the actual gallons you’ll need for the winter months ahead of time and then purchase options on the NYMEX market that allows us to offer you a capped rate, but also the advantage of paying the local market rate if the price drops during the winter.


The capped price plan has a cap fee of $0.18 per gallon for propane gas & $0.65 for fuel oil. This is really like paying for insurance that allows you to take advantage of the lower price if the market drops.


Please make note of the following: The “CAP FEE” is a non-refundable fee for insurance that we charge the customer and pass on to our fuel suppliers. CES does not profit on this fee; we merely take your first payments and buy “Put Option” Insurance on the NYMEX (New York Merchantile Exchange), to protect your gallons. This fee is “Non-Refundable” and will be applied to your account upon enrollment.


Any credits that you may have on your account can been used towards the pre-buy amount. If you currently have a balance on your account, you must pay that balance in full before you can participate.


Capped Prices are subject to change daily, call today to find out the current capped price.


Plan B: “Pre-Payment Protection Plan with a “Fixed Price“: 
This plan comes with a fixed price for all gallons purchased that you use during the heating season. The price will stay the same regardless of the market price.


For more information on our pre-buy plans, please contact our office at 800-874-1975.


* - If you exhaust your pre-buy allotment, the future purchase price would be at the going market rate.