Comfort and Warmth

Nothing can replicate the warmth and comfort of a fireplace or stove. Coming inside after a long day of working or playing in the cold weather and sitting in front of the fire with a beverage of choice can be priceless. And then you think about the mess…wood chips and back all over the carpet, soot, ash on your favorite collectibles, the shrieking of the smoke alarms when you "accidentally" forget to open the damper.

All that can be a thing of the past with a propane fireplace, log set or stove. Imagine coming inside, picking up the remote or flicking a switch and turning your fireplace on. Instantly you have the beauty and comfort.

The technology and installation flexibility of propane equipment make it the preferred choice for retrofit and new construction applications. These products allow for installation virtually anywhere and there is solution for almost situation.

Have an existing wood burning fireplace? How about a propane insert or log set? These options replicate that the look and feel of burning wood but are clean burning and easy to maintain.

Tire of feeding logs or pellets into a wood stove? Then a propane stove is for you! You will still get the heat you need but will eliminate the effort to continuously fill the stove. No more carrying 40-pound bags to fill the hopper or stacking firewood and carting it inside.

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