CES Donates to the Monticello Rotary Club

The Monticello Rotary Club is down to it's last $15,000 for the rebuilding of the pavilion at DeHoyos Park. Donations are requested to finish up the project.


The Monticello Rotary Club pavilion at the DeHoyos Park has been used by Monticello families and clubs for the past thirty years. It is famous for barbecues and other festivities across from the tennis courts.


This past fall the older pavilion was torn down to make room for a new and improved facility. The building began this spring under the leadership of then Rotarian President Todd Grodin. Rotarian Carmine Ribaudo of RIGGS plumbing and custom homes began construction on the new pavilion. Joe Balzano, of Ultimate Forestry, lent his crew and boom truck to help Carmine place all 51 trusses along the main body.


Former Monticello Rotarian President Grodin takes this project seriously, “Since this is the largest construction project that the Monticello Rotary Club has undertaken, and it happened during my presidency, I am raising funds to bring this to completion.”


The 100-foot-long pavilion will have two bump outs and a steel roof. The monies being raised are to help complete the construction of the roof, the bump outs, the crusher needed to level the floor, the wire for the cement, the cement to finish the floor and the electric to finish the project.


Sullivan 180 approved a grant of $20,000, the Club has a matching grant of $9,000 and raised $6,000 more from individuals in the club.


But they still need funds for completion. With just less than $15,000 remaining, multiple local businesses have stepped up to the plate to donate towards the completion of the pavilion, including Combined Energy Services with a $1,000 donation.


“It makes sense to help Todd’s group,” comment Mike Taylor of Combined Energy Services. “Our employees and their families have enjoyed the Monticello Rotary’s pavilion for decades.”


If you’d like to donate to the completion of the Pavilion, you can reach out to the Monticello Rotary’s Past President Todd Grodin via email at tg.rotary@gmail.com.


Pictured are CES's Ron Lindholm & Korin Sprague.