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CDL Info Session – What CES does to find drivers

What’s a company to do when you’ve tried every method known to find CDL drivers, but no one shows up? If you’re Combined Energy Services, you train your own drivers.

On Tuesday, July 2, 2019 Combined Energy Services held an info session for individuals who might be interested in becoming CDL drivers. Over 40 people signed up for the info session and the attendees were given the low down on our program.

"You need to invest in your permit and CDL physical," said Mike Taylor, manager of CES. "Once you’ve taken care of that, you would schedule an interview and if selected, we’ll get you hooked up with our trainer."

CES is offering their trainer, their truck and their fuel at your convenience, all in the hopes of gaining some full or part time drivers. Evening and weekend training are available because CES understands that some people might already work and can’t take the time off, which a typical CDL school would require.

What’s the catch? Work for the company for 3 days per month for 9 months. You pick the days. That’s 24 hours per month. If decide to leave, which they hope you won’t, there is a fee that would be required to compensate CES for their time and investment.

It seems that the hazmat endorsement is the real problem in finding new drivers. "People are afraid of the hazmat portion of the CDL", quips Taylor. "A lot of the questions are common sense, and truly don’t apply to the energy business."

Russell Reeves, deputy county clerk, along with a representative (Tina) from DMV, spoke to the group about the requirements for obtaining the CDL permit. Tina, reminded everyone to have all of the correct documents to make the process go smoother. There are significant changes coming to the CDL license next October that will impact the hauling industry. The group was encouraged that if they want to make this move to do it sooner rather than later.

Combined Energy Services is unique in that it offers year round employment, something many fuel service companies don’t.  They are busy with fuel deliveries in the summer with influx of seasonal customers in the Catskills. This along with their three other businesses – Tri-State Carbonation Service, Wechsler Pool & Supply and All Gas – there are always deliveries to be made.

Only time will tell if any of the participants take CES up on their offer. "We have a great group of employees," mentioned Taylor, "and we’re looking to add to our team."

For more information on our CDL program, click here.

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