Better hot water starts with Propane

Gallon for gallon propane provides you with more hot water quicker than electric water heaters.


Propane storage tank and tankless systems heat water more efficiently, and with fewer emissions compared with other options. They offer a variety of advantages, especially over electric water heating.


Along with a smaller carbon footprint than electric water heaters, propane water heaters offer significantly faster water heating – most propane units can put out twice as much hot water! That’s a lot of showers or baths!


Propane water heater are also more efficient than their electric counterparts. That means more of the energy that goes into creating hot water isn’t wasted. According to the Propane Energy and Research Council (PERC), a standard propane water heater with a tank performs more efficiently than a standard electric water heater with a tank. PERC reports that an ENERGY STAR storage tank propane water heater can save a household 13 to 16% on heating costs over a year. 


The initial upfront cost for a propane water heater is more than an electric model by $200 - $300. That difference is paid back in a year or less in cost savings. You certainly can’t beat that payback!


Another thing to think about: Do you already have propane at your home or business? If you do, then you are set up to get the propane water heater installed. Adding another appliance to your existing propane system should be easy. Give us a call at 800-874-1975 and we can help with the decision.