Automatic Delivery Contest Snowblower Winner Announced!

CES offered an incentive to sign up for automatic delivery by giving away a snowblower to one random winner. The winner was selected from Combined Energy Services automatic delivery customers on Wednesday, January 22, and the lucky customer was Ken & Alissa Geringer of Rock Hill.

The Geringers, along with their fur baby Duke, took ownership of the snowblower from Sales Representative Moose Liff. Long-time automatic delivery customers, they appreciate CES’s support of animal charities. Duke is a former resident of the Sullivan County SPCA, an organization we are proud to support.

Ken said "I feel like I won the lottery! I never win anything."

There are many benefits of enrolling in automatic deliveries:

  • No More Waiting for heating fuel. Don’t you hate when you run out of heating fuel? You call to schedule a delivery and the company you’re calling informs you that the delivery cannot be until next week? With automatic deliveries, you don’t have to worry!

  • No More Scheduling Deliveries. Our system monitors your usage and schedules a delivery based off that information.

  • No More Gauge Checking. Forget about having to check gauges anymore. We monitor your tank, so you don’t have to!

  • No More Out-Of-Gas Situations. There’s nothing worse than running out of heating fuel. With auto delivery, you shouldn’t run out of fuel*.

  • Get Even More Protection with our Remote Tank Monitoring System. For a small monthly fee (or free is you use 600 gallons per year), customers can sign up and receive a wireless tank monitoring system. Ideal for homes with high usage or second homes and cottages, this added protection allows us to remotely monitor your system. We also have a remote monitoring application for fuel oil – the Smart Oil Gauge. Learn more!

  • Use the CES Smartphone App for even more account insight! With both Apple & Android applications, the CES app is a great way to manage your account. You can view the estimated amount remaining in your tank, look at historical data (both payments & deliveries) and pay your bill. All with just a few swipes on the phone.

Call your local CES office at 800-874-1975 to sign up today!