5 Reasons to Switch to Paperless Billing

Think about the process involved with paying bills! First, you need to open the bills and sort through them.  Second, you have to write a check, fill out the payment forms, and write your address on the return envelope.  Third, you need to dispose of the actual bill safely and securely, which requires a shredder or scissors and time.  And finally, you need to drive to the post office or to a secure public mailbox, purchase a stamp and drop the bill in the mail.

Wouldn’t it be nice to avoid this all together?  We know your time is valuable and by enrolling in Paperless Billing with Combined Energy Services we help you take your life back!! 

Let’s take a look at why it makes the most sense to use paperless invoice systems:

1. More Secure

According to Bureau of Justice Statistics, in 2014 identity theft affected 17.6 million Americans, or about 7% of U.S residents age 16 or older.  Majority of victims did not know how the offender obtained their information.  

Every bill that is mailed to your home is an opportunity for someone to steal your identity.  The danger isn’t just inside the mailbox, but also can occur in the trash can.  Dumpster diving is a common technique for thieves to get your personal information. 

Paper bills leave you vulnerable in many ways!  

2. Greener

Did you know?  Deforestation is the source of 25% of human caused greenhouse gas emissions.  Over 40% of the global industrial wood harvest is used to make paper.

Paper and pulp industries rank #4 for greenhouse gas output as well as contributes 9% of total carbon dioxide emissions from manufacturing. Paper makes up 26% of landfills.  Degradation produces methane, a greenhouse gas that has 23 times the heat trapping capacity of carbon dioxide.  Land fields are the source of 34% of methane release – the single largest source in the U.S.  

According to PayitGreen.org, if just 20% of American households switched to paperless billing, each year we would reduce gasoline consumption by 102,945,600 gallons, avoid 1,960,402 tons of greenhouse gases, and save 1,811,275 trees.

If just 20% of American households switched to paperless billing, each year we would reduce gasoline consumption, greenhouse gases and save trees!

3. Avoid Late Fees

Late fees can occur for a number of reasons.  But many occur due to misplacing or losing paper bills.  Late fees can be avoided by enrolling in paperless billing and automatic billing!  Paying bills late has many ramifications: late fees, affected credit and more!     

With paperless & automatic billing, you will never be incur another late fee or have to write a check again.

4. Saves Money

Paperless billing will help your pocket as well!  One stamp now cost $0.49.  The average number of monthly bills a household can receive is 7 to 9.  That means the average household is spending approximately $4.41 each month / $52.92 each year on stamps alone!

The savings doesn’t stop with postage stamps.  Some companies regularly run promotions where customers are given cash incentives to enroll in paperless billing.

Paperless billing saves you money!!

5. Time

Time is money!!  The less time you have to spend hassling with bills, the more time you have to work, relax or do whatever else you would like!

Take your life back with paperless billing!

If you are a Combined Energy Services Customer and would like to enroll in Paperless Billing, click the link below.

*Customers must register their Customer Account Portal in order to enroll.  Once registered, simply click on the "Switch to Paperless Billing" link to begin your paperless journey!

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