Yank that TANK!

Buried oil tanks are an extreme environmental liability and can hold up the sale of your home, worse yet if it leaks which can cost tens of thousands to clean the soil and most homeowner's insurance won't cover the costs.


Have an old home heating oil tank buried next to the house? Is your oil-fired furnace living on it’s last leg? Before you end up with an environmental disaster from a tank leak, consider converting to propane. To make the switch easier, we’ll yank that tank for you!


Get that environmental ticking time bomb out of the ground today!


Learn how you can get FREE* removal of your fuel oil tank when you convert to propane gas. Speak with one of our sales professionals and have a professionally trained and qualified technicians facilitate solutions for your projects. CES offer:

  • FREE Removal of your underground oil tank (up to a $7,500 value) when you switch from fuel oil to propane gas with CES*.
  • To convert to propane gas heating, CES will provide a free estimate or you can use another contractor.
  • FREE installation of a new propane tank
  • FREE Underground & Aboveground Tanks
  • FREE Exterior Gas Piping & Regulators



  • Credit approval required
  • Must be CES Customer – Must purchase propane / fuel oil from CES
  • 5 year agreement required
  • Valid for homeowners (rentor and rentee not eligible)
  • Valid for year-round users (seasonal users not elibile)

*Other restrictions apply. Contact office for full details. Tank removal, not currently available in New Jersey