Why am I getting a bill?

I’m on auto pay! You are actually receiving a copy of your invoice, not another bill.

Customers that are on auto pay, either with a credit card or ACH, still receive a copy of the invoice for their records. That invoice is either mailed or emailed after the delivery AND payment has been made.

Please look in 3 places:

  1. On the top right side of the invoice. The account balance due will say $0.00 if your automatic payment was processed;
  2. Also in the top right, next to INVOICE it will begin to say -COPY. We have recently had our software company add "copy" to the statement.
  3. On the bottom left side of the invoice. It will read "Please do not remit payment. The amount due for this delivery/service will be automatically deducted from the Checking/Savings or Credit Card that you have listed with us."

If something didn’t process correctly, you will receive a call from one of our customer service representatives and the invoice will show an account balance due.

Interested in becoming an auto pay customer, call our office at 800-874-1975. If you wish to use a bank account (checking/savings) download the form here, complete the form and return via the method on the form.

 If you have questions about your service or products we offer, please email info@combinedenergyservices.com Do not leave a service or product question in the comments.