Top Reasons to Switch from Fuel Oil to Propane

Many people who use fuel oil may be surprised of the several benefits of using propane gas over oil.  We’re here to educate you on the advantages of switching.

What are some reasons to switch from fuel oil to propane? 

  • Environmental Impact

  • Safety

  • Heating Efficiency

  • Cost Savings

  • Insurance Liability

Environmental Impact

Propane is a clean-burning, alternative energy source that has very little impact on the environment.  This gas dissipates into the atmosphere and cannot contaminate soil or water.  Unlike fuel oil, which can leak and cause severe environmental impact and can cost the homeowner thousands of dollars in damage.

Producing nearly 40% fewer emissions than oil, it produces lower carbon monoxide and hydrocarbon emissions and leaves a smaller carbon footprint on the environment.

  • A pinhole in an oil tank can empty 1,000 liters of oil

  • Pinhole leaks are often undetected for months, and sometimes years

  • One liter of leaked oil can contaminate 1 million liters of drinking water


Propane is one of the safest alternative fuels you can use. It can be easily recognized and detected by its unique odors added by manufacturers. It’s non-toxic, cannot be easily ingested, cannot contaminate water or soil, and is stored in highly regulated tanks with safety valves and other safety mechanisms to prevent ruptures.

Heating Efficiency 

Propane furnaces operate at a higher efficiency percentage than oil furnaces. Oil furnaces produce heat at about 60% efficiency, compared to gas furnaces that produce heat at about 90% efficiency. By switching, homeowners can be ensured their furnace is producing heat in the most efficient manner.

Cost Savings

There are many things to consider when talking cost savings. Since propane furnaces produce heat more efficiently, the homeowner is saving money than compared to an oil furnace. It’s also worth taking into consideration the possibility of environmental soil and water contamination, which can cost thousands of dollars!

Liability Insurance

Being insured does not mean you won’t be liable for damages due to a oil tank leak that causes soil or water contamination.  Spills and leaks are extremely costly.  

As a homeowner with an oil tank on your property, you are responsible for year-round maintenance of the tank.  You’re entirely responsible for any spill or leak, as well as could be responsible for costs associated with the clean upEducate yourself on why people choose propane?


Everyone deserves a safe, efficient and reliable fuel source for your home.  By switching to gas, you’re not only benefiting from the change; your wallet will benefit and the environment will benefit! Contact CES today at 800-874-1975 or complete the form below.

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