Switch from Oil to Propane NOW get efficiency savings later!

Wait, you’re trying to tell me that propane is more efficient than fuel oil? How is that even possible? Well let’s do the math!

If you’re talking straight Btu’s (British Thermal Units), you’re right, fuel oil has about 50% more Btu’s than propane.

1 Gallon* – Fuel Oil = 138,000 Btu

1 Gallon* – Propane = 91,333 Btu

If this was the only story, the win would go to fuel oil. Fortunately for propane, it’s not. If you speak with any heating system service tech, they’ll tell you the best efficiency you can get out of an oil-fired furnace is about 85% and that’s on a good day. Propane boilers can achieve efficiencies of up to 98%.

Propane boilers are typically less expensive to maintain and replace than oil fired boilers. Their cleaner burning characteristics also means that you don’t need a designated flue to exhaust fumes and rarely must worry about "puffbacks" if something happens when the boiler doesn’t ignite correctly.

Another clear advantage for propane is that you can cook with it. Ask anyone who does a lot of cooking and they’ll pick gas every time over any other fuel source. Propane can also be supplied from the same storage tank used for cooking, heating, water heating, clothes drying, swimming pool heating, fireplaces, etc.

Another issue with fuel oil is the tank. Many homeowners are finding out that their insurance companies are requiring the removal of tanks from the ground. This leaves you with few options of where to put the fuel oil tank. It can go in the basement, garage or outside but should that tank leak, you’ll still have an environmental nightmare! This is not the case with propane.

So, are you thinking about switching to propane? Time to get that environmental ticking time bomb out of the ground? CES will remove your fuel oil tank FREE when you convert to gas.

Tired of messing with an old, unreliable, service intensive and dirty fuel oil burner in your heating system? One easy solution is the installation of the Carlin Gas Conversion Burner that can be installed in almost any oil-fired boiler, furnace or water heater.


  • FREE Removal of your underground oil tank (up to a $7,500 value) when you switch from fuel oil to propane gas with CES.
  • To convert to propane gas heating, CES will provide a free estimate or you can use another contractor.
  • Want to stay with fuel oil?  No worries, we offer great low prices for above ground tank replacements.


  • Credit approval required
  • Must be CES Customer – Must purchase propane / fuel oil from CES
  • 5-year agreement required
  • Valid for homeowners (renters not eligible)
  • Valid for year-round users (seasonal users not eligible)

*U.S. Energy Information Administration (https://www.eia.gov/energyexplained/index.php?page=about_btu)

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