Propane Generator Tips

A propane generator is an important tool for emergency preparedness. But there are some things you should know about them before using one.


Propane generators are used in many different situations, from camping trips to home emergencies. You may not realize their importance until your in a situation where you need power and don’t have it.


Have a plan for how to use it.


Before you go out and buy a propane generator, make sure you have a plan for what you'll do with it. Do you want to run the whole house or just a few important appliances? If this is a vacation home, will keeping the heat running in the winter be a consideration? Knowing what your expectations are will help you get the right size.


Have it professionally installed.


While you may have ideas of installing a propane generator yourself, hiring a professional to handle the installation is the safe choice. From accurate sizing to proper location and correctly making electrical connections, using a pro is worth the extra expense.


Install Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detectors


Propane generators emit less CO as compared to diesel and gasoline generators. But they still emit the harmful gas and if it gets inside the house can be fatal. Proper installation is important to ensure that a leak is detected. You should install the detector even when the propane generator is installed outside the house. This is important to ensure that the household is alerted in case CO gas leaks inside the house.


Plan for Routine Generator Maintenance.


Regular generator service is important to guarantee its proper operation. Generator service should be performed even if you have not used the generator for a while. Air filters or other components can get dirty that must be serviced to ensure proper operation.


Moreover, engine oil inside the generator degrades even when not used. It should be replaced after every 6 months if not used.


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