Make the Most of Your Backyard This Summer with Propane Energy

The hot weather is back and its finally time to make the most out of our backyards! 

By using Propane Gas, you can save money on all those outdoor appliances while cutting down on your carbon footprint.

Not only is Propane Gas a more Eco-friendly alternative to conventional gas and electric energy systems, it’s also safer and cheaper. Factoring in both the installation and maintenance costs of your equipment, propane can save around 30 per cent compared to electricity and 25 per cent compared to conventional oil energy. 

At Combined Energy Services we offer propane gas services for many uses including: Cooking, Water Heating, Clothes Drying, Central Heating, Back-up Electric Generator, Space Heating, Garage Heating,  Pool & Spa Heaters, Gas Fireplaces, and BBQ Grilling!

Learn more about cost effective and environmentally friendly Propane Gas HERE

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