Head On Over To The Clean Side! Propane Fireplaces & Stoves

How often do you use your wood burning fireplace?  All the time as supplemental heat or rarely because of the mess and hassle? Maybe you’re somewhere in between. What if you could use it as often as you wanted for both supplemental heat AND atmosphere but not have to deal with wood? Intrigued? Read on!

Raise your hand, who likes 

  • The mess of dealing with cleaning the ashes;
  • The wood mess left over;
  • The smell of smoke inside the house if someone messed with the damper; and
  • The threat of a fire from an ember popping out or just as bad – a deadly chimney fire that you don’t even realize your attic or wall is on fire? Anyone? I didn’t think so.

if you could have a fireplace without all the hassle? No schlepping wood or ash all over the house? We at Combined Energy Services have multiple solutions for all your fireplace needs. 

Gas “fireplaces” come in many choices including:

  • Free standing cast iron or decorative heating “stoves” that can be installed in almost any room.
  • Direct vent gas fireplace with the mantel finish of your choosing on any outside wall.
  • Gas log set – installed in your EXISTING wood burning fireplace.
  • Corner mounted direct vent fireplaces.
  • Fireplace inserts for your existing wood burning fireplace for maximum efficiency.
  • “See-through” units that can be installed between your living space & patio / deck or bedroom.
  • Gas fire pits and table fire features for patios or the back yard.
  • Full line of wall furnaces, floor furnaces, home heating & air conditioning systems available. 

Gas fireplaces are a safe, efficient way to not only provide the great atmosphere that only a nice fire can provide but saves your heating money since your home’s heat doesn’t go up the chimney. With a wood fireplace you must leave the fireplace chimney damper open to let the smoke out — and that just sucks the heat out of your home until you remember to close it the next day if you’re lucky. With a gas fireplace, once the fire is out, there’s no need to leave a damper open. Better yet a variety of fireplaces, stove and heaters don’t require a damper at all! 


Today’s gas fire places can be turned on manually from a valve on the unit itself or more conveniently with a wall switch, thermostat or a remote control.  And no more cleaning ashes – maintenance is simple and can be provided by our trained staff of service technicians any time. 


Gas fireplaces vs pellet stoves:  Practicality, Reality… do you really want to do it? Pellets might seem like a good solution, BUT – are you the type of person that doesn’t mind moving 50 lb. bags of pellets around, stacking them in your garage or shed, then dragging them into the house all while hoping none of them break open? What if they get wet? This causes the entire stock to absorb moisture and end up a big mess of waste.  Then loading the stove, cleaning, buying more pellets. If you’re a busy person that doesn’t have time to dedicate to this life style, don’t waste the money since you’ll be selling that stove in three years from now on Craigslist.  Whether wood or pellets – you must be honest with yourself as to if you or your spouse is cut out to do the work involved with burning either product.  These are truly “life style changes” and in today’s busy world, we find that more and more consumers are realizing that gas is the efficient, common sense choice for the way they live.  


Choices of gas fireplace & heating stove manufacturers:   NEVER BUY FROM A BIG BOX STORE since often even the name brand manufacturer makes a run of lesser quality units just for the low-price demand of the big box store – leaving you with an inferior product that you can’t get parts for later.  We are proud to service every unit we sell which you can’t get that guarantee from the box stores or worse, the internet sellers.  (try getting the internet vendor to remedy your product’s  problems…good luck with that!).


At Combined Energy Services we’ve been selling and installing brands such as Empire, Regency and other popular names for over 40 years.  There’s no better way to enjoy winter heating than to gather around a gas fireplace which is safe, neat & clean, energy efficient and adds value to your home, while simply heating the room you’re really using. 


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