Dry Ice for Camping

Going camping this weekend?!?!  

Whether you’re camping or attending a weekend festival, bringing food and drinks are essential. The ability to keep your food and drinks cold is also essential. But who wants to deal with the additional cost, the transportation, storage and melting issues of using ice?!

Dry ice will keep everything frozen in your cooler, including extra ice, so keep non-frozen goods to be refrigerated in a separate cooler. If it is placed on top of the food (cold sinks), it will work better.  When packing items in the container, fill any empty spaces with a filler like newpaper or another crushable material.  Any ‘dead space’ will cause it to sublimate faster.  Sublimation (changing from solid to a gas) will vary depending on the temperature, air pressure and thickness of your coolers insulation.  

The more you have stored in your cooler, the longer it will last.

Be cautious when handling dry ice!  With temperatures at – 109.3 F., always handle with care and wear protective cloth or leather gloves when touching it.  An oven mitt or towell will work.  If touched briefly, it is harmless, but prolonged exposure with the skin will freeze cells and cause a burn like injury.

Be sure to review the Safety Sheet before handling dry ice! Contact All Gas Welding & Supply Company @ 845-791-9500 to order. Dry Ice is available for sale in our Monticello & New Hampton, New York and Newton/Andover, New Jersey shops.

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