Don’t Run Out Of Gas with Automatic Delivery

Automatic delivery says you time by having us take care of scheduling you home heating fuel deliveries.

Customers should be able to enjoy the benefits of home heating and have peace of mind that their heating systems are running properly; without the unnecessary hassle of constantly checking gauges and scheduling deliveries before you run out of gas! Whether it’s propane of fuel oil, save yourself the time and hassle by enrolling in Automatic Deliveries with Combined Energy Services.  

Benefits of enrolling in automatic Deliveries:

  1. No More Waiting. Don’t you hate when you run out of gas and call to schedule a delivery and the company you’re calling informs you that the delivery can not be until next week?  Worry no more with automatic deliveries.
  2. No More Scheduling Deliveries. Never call to schedule a delivery again.  Our system monitors your usage and schedules a delivery based off that information.
  3. No More Gauge Checking. Forget about having to check gauges anymore.  We monitor your tank so you don’t have to!
  4. No More Out-Of-Gas Situations. There’s nothing worse than running out of gas.  Especially in times when it’s most inconvenient, i.e. middle of winter when you need it most.  
  5. Experience Peace of Mind! With automatic deliveries, leave the worry to us and experience peace of mind knowing your fuel company is monitoring your usage and will not let you run out of gas.
  6. Get Even More Protection with our Remote Tank Monitoring System. For an additional fee, customers can sign up and receive a wireless tank monitoring system.  Ideal for homes with high usage or second homes and cottages, this added protection allows us to remotely monitor your system.  
  7. Receive Additional Discounts with Automatic Delivery. When you’re a CES customer for central home heating and enroll in automatic deliveries, you will experience additional discounts like our Gasoline Loyalty Program. Receive 10 cents off per gallon of gasoline purchased at our Full-Service Gas Station

How automatic delivery works?

Our automatic delivery system is designed to deliver propane or fuel oil when your tank is approximately 35%. We have the ability to track information about weather, average propane usage and any external factors that may affect the schedule of your delivery. This allows you to always have gas when you need it!

Current CES Customers: Want to enroll in Automatic Delivery?! Contact us today at 800-874-1975 to get started or complete the form below!

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