CES Supports the Allyson Whitney Foundation

The Allyson Whitney Foundation held its first ever “Over the Rainbow” Gala on Saturday, October 1, 2022. AWF supports young adults battling cancer with “Life Interrupted Grants™”, distributing “HOPE Comfort Bags to oncology patients and funding MD Anderson’s Small Cell Cancer research.


This was the first Gala for the Allyson Whitney Foundation. It has come a long way from being a small grassroots foundation to a nationally recognized organization that has helped hundreds of young adults and their families.


The theme for this year’s Gala, “Over the Rainbow”, was taken from The Wizard of Oz. The movie embodies heart, courage, strength, and HOPE. The rainbow signifies the colors incorporated into the Allyson Whitney Foundation’s logo, that represent the different types of cancers people face each day.


This year’s Gala helped to raise over $83,000 that will help the organization fulfill its vision to “shine a spotlight on young adults diagnosed with cancer (over 80,000 a year) and their unique genetically different cancers.”


Since 2014, Combined Energy Services has been a proud supporter of the Allyson Whitney Foundation.