CES Donates $5000 to Allyson Whitney Foundation

On Saturday, May 9, 2015 – Combined Energy Services was proud to be able to donate $5000 to the Allyson Whitney Foundation at their annual 5k race / run which this year raised over $90,000 which is used to support young people with rare cancers. 

In 2010 after graduating from graduate school with a degree in speech pathology, Monticello NY native Allyson Whitney Strong was diagnosed with a rare form of aggressive cancer that put her future dreams on hold.  Determine, courageous and valiant do not even begin to describe her character as she battled with Small Cell Cervical Cancer (SCCC) and raised awareness about rare diseases.  As the unthinkable had happened, she wanted to be a voice on a billboard, yelling to young adults, "this can happen to anyone at anytime!".  Her intellect was trying to figure why this happened to her and others,  Cancer is a word, where we all stop and hold our breath, but what about rare cancer with no protocol, where do you turn?  Ally turned into a self-reliant warrior.  She traveled in and out of the country searching for a protocol to defeat her cancer.  She was tough and fought hard, but the war ended on November 24, 2011.  

The work of the Allyson Whitney Foundation’s pursuit is to continue Ally’s wishes and aspirations.  In honor of her memory the organization awards "Life Interrupted grants" for young adult patients battling a rare cancer.  In Ally’s blog, she vowed when well she would, "…help others in this situation whether it’s finacially, physically or most importantly, mentally".  Her words inspire us and remind us about the power of gratitude:  "At night, I try to think of at least three things I’m grateful for that day – and I truly think that it helps when I wake up… I wake up and smile and say thank you for another day".  Her desire to find out "why" leads us to further innovative research.  

Combined Energy Services has known the Strong family for many years and stands behind the Foundation’s efforts, proud to be a sponsor and play a small part in their worthy mission.

To find out more, check them out here:   Allyson Whitney Foundation