Benefits of Propane at Your Restaurant

The two main goals of any restaurant owner: keep operating costs down while keep customers coming back! 

The profit margin in restaurants paired with high electric and heating costs make taking a look at propane worth it.  And the risk can’t be taken lightly when it comes to any downtime or impact on operations from an unreliable source of energy.

In addition to fueling the energy-efficient appliances that keep your utility bills low and your guests comfortable and satisfied, building with propane provides an opportunity to offer delightful amenities that turn your guests in regulars.  

Benefits of Propane: Here are a few reasons using propane in your restaurant could be beneficial for your operation and your customers.

  1. Outdoor Upgrades – Outdoor propane appliances provide your customers with an unique ambiance that they will not forget.  Outdoor lighting, patio heaters, fire pits, hearths, and decorative flame features provide decorative surroundings as well as extend your seating areas to the outdoors and extends your outdoor seating season. On the other hand, when the weather is colder, having radiant snow-melting systems installed in walkways, stairways, entrances provide additional amenities, as well as safety functions.  
  2. Inside Benefits – Restaurants are filled with kitchenware and appliances utilized for cooking that could easily be converted to propane. The advantage is clear as propane’s main perk is its efficiency.  A variety of equipment such as buffets, stoves, ovens, fryers or rice cookers would be powered with propane. In addition to kitchen appliances, higher efficiency propane furnaceswater heaters and cooling appliances are an affordable, efficient and environmentally-friendly heating option that is economical to operate.  
  3. Cooking is More Precise – Cooking with propane provides instant heat and precise control.  The elements instantly start to produce heat which means less time wasted waiting to heat up.  When the stove is turned off, the flame goes out, which means the elements also cools faster.  This causes less ambient heat to be created, and more control over your cooking. 
  4. Safer – The characteristics and regulations applied to propane makes it one of the safest fuels when compared to others such as gasoline, diesel and natural gas.
  5. More Reliability – There is always a risk of power disruption to your restaurant due to various reasons.  You can’t afford any downtime from a power outage.  Standby Generators, powered by propane, provide insurance against any power disruption.  For businesses with refrigerated food, uninterrupted power supply is critical. While storms, unpredictable weather, and unreliable power grids create uncertain supply of electricity, propane is safe and dependable energy source that won’t fail in a storm

Every restaurant owner cares about the quality of service that is provided.  Building and renovating with propane appliances can help slash energy costs and deliver key performance abilities that are vital to their business. Contact CES at 800-874-1975 for details or click here for a no obligation quote.

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