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Propane Tanks

Propane tanks are the storage containers for propane in its liquid form.  Tanks are available in many different sizes being engineered and designed for propane containment at high pressure.  

Propane tanks are designed for both stationary and mobile use.  The tank itself is what allows propane and its usable energy to be portable.

Tank Size

If you already have a propane tank installed at your house, you probably don't give much thought to the size of your tank.  But if you are considering swtiching to propane or are increasing your propane usage, you might wonder what size tank will best fit your needs.

CES can advise customers of the reasons for selecting a certain size propane tank, but knowing some of the reasons will give customers a better understanding of advantages to different size propane tanks.

Tank sizes are determined by home size, usage and climate.

Other factors include:

  • Square footage of home
  • Propane appliances installed
  • Total BTU load of all installed appliances

Propane Tank Size Spec Sheet

Most common residential propane tank sizes

The most common residential tank sizes are 100 lbs, 100 gallon, 250 gallon and 500 gallon.  Your propane usage dictates what size tank will be recommended for you.

100 lb. tanks common for cooking and clothes drying

Home that use propane only for cooking and clothes drying opt for a smaller 100 lb. tank.  These tanks hold 23.6 gallons of propane.  On average, propane gas ranges and clothes dryers will use a combined 40 - 75 gallons per year, requiring only 2-4 fill up annually.  

100 - 500 gallon tanks for whole house heating and other appliances

Residences that use propane for whole house heating will need at least a 100 gallon tank.  We recommend opting for a larger tank that will require fewer deliveries per year.  Depending on other propane appliances in your home and how often you want to purchase propane, the recommended tank size will vary.  Larger propane tanks have the advantage of fewer fill ups and more control over when you buy.

Larger size propane tanks can help you control costs

Propane prices fluctuate with the market throughout the year.  500 gallon tanks enable you to pre-buy your fuel during periods where propane prices are lower.  Your propane will last longer, so you might not have to fill up when prices are at their peak.

Download our Underground and Above Ground Tank Installation Guide

Above Ground

We offer customers tanks of all sizes and colors!!!

Propane Tanks in All Colors & Sizes from CESPropane Tanks in All Colors & Sizes from CES

Above ground tanks are those that are located above ground.  Typically, they sit on a foundation and come in a variety of color options to match your landscape.  

Above ground tank approval is based on location, size, class of product being stored, and whether it's for retail or private use.  Installation for these types of tanks are generally cheaper than their counterpart, the underground tank, as excavation is not required except for the pad or footing.  

Inspection, maintenance and repairs can be conducted visually and more easily simply due to their accessibility, which is less expensive.  And if you ever need to relocate your tank, and above ground tank will be more manageable to move.

Disadvantages of the above ground tank is due to exposure: vandalism, fire, weather conditions and vehicular collisions are all potential hazards.  They also take up more surface space and may require a vapor recovery system in place.  

  • Above ground tanks of all sizes and colors

  • Underground tank leases program for $1 per year for home heating

  • Dependable automatic deliveries at competitive rates

  • Balanced Budget Payment Plans smooth bills over 12 months

  • Complete installations of gas appliances and HVAC systems

  • 24/7 Emergency Services

Going Underground

Underground Propane Tank Being Set from CES

Many home & business owners have decided to go underground since in the end, all that’s visible is the short dome lid which can easily be incorporated into the landscape.  

Eddie & Dave
Hooking up tank

Underground propane tanks are environmentally friendly and free of EPA & DEC / DEP regulations like fuel oil tanks.  CES has been the region’s leader with the safe installation and on-going maintenance program that ensures the buried tanks lasts for decades. 

Each tank is cathodically protected with a two part epoxy coating, carefully buried in sand or loose dirt  to minimize corrosion. Sacrificial magnesium anode bags are attached to the steel to prevent corrosion.  These anodes deteriorate over time instead of the tank. 

With a CES leased tank, each tank & anode system are checked annually with an electric potential meter.  If an anode is shown to be weak, allowing the tank to deteriorate, we will install new anodes at no cost to you. 

With proper maintenance, a buried tank should last 40+ years with no aggravation.  In the unlikely event of a leak, there’s no environmental threat to your water or soil like fuel oil.

Underground Tanks
Underground Tanks

CES $1 Per Year Underground Tank Lease Program
(…leave the maintenance & worries to us!)

CES has installed & leased over 2500 underground tanks throughout the tri-state region to home & business owners when gas is used for heating. 

We can work with your excavation contractor or we’ll handle the installation task from start to finish at a cost that is affordable for any budget.

Underground Tanks
Underground 330 gal tanks at townhouse development

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Download Our Underground Tank Installation Guide

Commercial Installations / Housing Developments -
Going Underground in a BIG Way!

Underground Tanks
Underground 18,000 gal tank hidden in the grass for apartment complex

Your commercial facility or development can have the convenience of gas without tanks scattered all over or the look of a huge tank above ground.  CES can install tanks underground up to 18,000 or 30,000 gallons in accordance with all state & federal pipeline regulations.

Underground Tanks
 Preparing to lower into hole
Underground Tanks
Adding anode bags for corrosion protection

Bulk tanks of this size can receive full tractor trailer deliveries enabling customers to receive the best possible pricing.  Long term contracted rates are also available for the commercial gas customer.

Underground Tanks

Connecting Piping to New Tank

Underground Tanks

New Tank for Commercial Development 

Underground Tanks

Wireless transmitter sends CES tank contents readings

Underground Tanks

4 buried tanks for mobile home community

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