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Temporary Heating /
Construction Heating



For 40 years, CES has provided temporary heating solutions for construction projects and temporary events.  From a single salamander job for a painting contractor to multiple large tanks & blower heaters for a supermarket under construction, we’re the only number you’ll need to make temp heating truly turn-key.

Some of the jobs we’ve heated include:

  • schools & hotels
  • distribution warehouses
  • super markets
  • sewer treatment plants
  • building renovations
  • correctional facilities
  • retail stores / malls
  • office buildings
  • bridges & concrete
  • residential developments

Temp Bulk Propane Tank Installations | Automatic Delivery:

Temporary Structure
500 & 1000 (shown) gallon tanks available
Temporary Structure
Portable 100 gallon tanks

While some propane dealers act like they’re doing you a favor by supplying gas for temp heating, we love it.  We offer:

  • Fast installation of tanks & cylinders of all sizes
  • Fleet of 6 boom trucks with up to 50’ reach for fast installations
  • Miles of flexible rubber hoses so you can move the heaters to where you need the heat and allow us to keep the propane tanks safely outside.
  • Dependable automatic deliveries so you don’t have to worry about reordering gas
  • 24 hour emergency service
  • Competitive gas pricing based on volume and can be fixed to wholesale rack postings or fixed for the winter to make budgeting predictable
  • Wireless remote tank contents monitoring back to CES 24 hrs per day to ensure you never run out available
  • Portable 100 lb cylinders with welded collars for added safety
  • Over 40 years propane gas & temp heating experience

Temporary Structure

HEATER RENTAL - THE CES DIFFERENCE :   We’re not a rental company!  When you deal with one of the huge equipment rental comp​anies, they are making their living on the heater rental.  We’re a propane dealer that subsidizes the cost of heater rental for our customers in order to supply the propane.  We own our line of late model heaters of all sizes.  Our service staff is available for any emergencies that may arise 24 hours a day.

Temporary Structure
2 million btu blower heater
12,500 cfm at 3 hp
Heats approx 50,000 sq ft
  Thermostatically controlled 

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Temporary Structure
 225 - 375,000 btu blower heater
1,500 cfm
heats approx 8,800 sq ft
Thermostatically controlled

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Convection Salamander Heaters
 75,000 – 200,000 btus
 Heats up to 4,700 sq ft
No electricity required



 Portable 100 lb cylinders available

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