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Propane Gas

When it comes to propane gas, there is no better name to choose as your supplier than Combined Energy Services!

Why people choose propane?

Whether you simply use propane for cooking in the home or run an entire manufacturing facility with gas, CES is able to handle your needs from start to finish and all at a fair price.

Filling Propane

Residential Service  

Installing Propane
We supply & service propane customers with every imaginable use which may include…

  • Cooking
  • Water Heating
  • Clothes Drying
  • Central Heating
  • Back-up Electric Generator
  • Propane GasSpace Heating
  • Garage Heating
  • Pool & Spa Heaters
  • Gas Fireplaces
  • BBQ Grilling
CES offers our propane customers….

Propane Gas CanistersBeige Propane Tank 

"Tanks of all sizes and colors" 

  • Above ground tanks of all size & colors
  • Underground tanks leased for $1 per year for home heating 
Tom Vivirito
Pete Drobysh
  • Dependable automatic deliveries at competitive rates
  • Balanced Budget Payment Plans to smooth bills over 12 months
  • Price Cap & Fixed Price Protection Plans (Payment Option Page) 
  • Complete installation of gas appliances (Appliance Page) and central heating & air conditioning systems. (HVAC Install Page)
  • 24 hour emergency repair service for all gas & oil equipment (Service Page)
Underground Propane
Underground Propane

Underground Tank Installations

Find out about Underground Propane Tanks

Commercial Service

From the small pizza restaurant’s oven, cylinders to run your forklifts or to heating a 50 acre distribution warehouse, CES has the experience, people & ability to tackle the propane end of your commercial needs.

Propane Tank 2
Propane Tank 3
Commercial baking operation 6-1000 gal tanks
CES Bulk tank for Shopping Center
  • Above & below ground tanks for commercial service
  • Exterior, interior & buried gas piping
  • Complete installation and service of commercial gas equipment
  • Dependable automatic deliveries & competitive prices with various payment & price cap plans available for commercial customers
  • 40 years of commercial gas service experience servicing hundreds of customers of all sizes.
Propane Tank 4
Propane Tank 5
18,000 gal bulk tank for shopping center & retail mall


Poultry brooder heaters, greenhouse heating, dairy farm cleaning, insect flaming instead of harmful chemicals, back-up electric matter what the propane use, CES is proud to service farms throughout the region for almost 40 years.

Propane Tank 6
Propane Tank 7
50,000 sq ft Greenhouse with bulk tank for heating

Metered Gas Service

Propane MeterLearn about metered gas service

...for developments, strip malls, commercial properties, apartment complexes, townhouses & mobile home parks.