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Propane Auto-Gas - Go Green and Save Green $$ !

Propane gas has been a commercial engine fuel for over 80 years powering over 4 million vehicles across the world.  Propane is the third most popular engine fuel after gasoline & diesel fuel.  Propane is clean, cost effective, safe and a reliable alternative fuel.


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Clean Alternative Fuel: Going Green!

  • Tests by the USEPA show that propane powered vehicles can produce 30 – 90% less toxins and smog-producing carbon monoxide and approximately 50% less toxins & other smog producing emissions than gasoline engines.
  • The USEPA projects that propane will be the leading alternative fuel in the 21st century.  Government & private fleets will soon be required to change to alternate fueled vehicles to reduce the harmful emissions from fossil fuels – the leading source of air pollution & green house gas emissions in the USA.
  • Propane is an approved alternative fuel in the US Energy Policy Act of 1992.

4 million vehicles run on propane today

Engine Performance:

  • Of all alternative fuels available, propane offers the best mix of durability, performance and driving range.
  • Clean burning:  Many fleet owners report on the average, an extended 3 years service life and extended service intervals between required maintenance.  Engines can last 2 times longer than gasoline engines and spark plugs from a propane powered vehicle last from 80,000 t0 100,000 miles. 
  • Propane vehicles have the longest driving range of all clean-burning fuels.
  • Bi-Fuel Ability: Today’s conversion kits allow fuel injected engines to run on either propane gas or gasoline extending your driving range if away from your home supply area.  No adjustments are needed, simply flip a dashboard switch and chose your fuel to run on.
  • View some typical vehicle conversions: 



For the fleet, CES will install everything you need from start to finish including tank, pump & meter at your fleet headquarters.  Card-lock systems are also available that can track each vehicle’s consumption electronically.  Each employee can be easily trained on the safe refueling practices in less than an hour.


Typical Propane Autogas Fill Stations

How to Fuel a Propane Powered Vehicle



A wide variety of sizes & shapes are available to fit just about any vehicle on the market.  These tanks are over 20 times thicker than a standard gasoline tank and come equipped with safety valves that shut the flow of gas if a fuel line were ever severed. 

17 – 60 gal tanks
11 gallon spare tire hole tank
24 gal total capacity

Typical Saddle Tank Installation

Economics: SAVE 50-70% on Gasoline or Diesel costs! 

Propane gas has an extensive price & tax advantage over gasoline today.  Many fleet owners can expect to save 50-70% on annual fuel expenditures over gasoline.

In addition to the savings on the cost of fuel, there are both federal and state tax incentives for conversions to clean burning alternate fuels.  These tax credits = big savings to you as the fleet owner. 


      "Vehicle Funding and Tax Credit Information"                   "What about my Vehicles Factory Warranty"

Firms save by converting fleet vehicles to propane!

Diesel Fuel – Propane Injection

  • Lower operating costs           
  • Increase horse power
  • Increase fuel mileage   (Gain 1-3 mpg!)
  • More pulling power
  • Better acceleration
  • Maintain speeds on hills
  • Increase engine life
  • Remote in-cab adjuster
  • Save on highway fuel taxes
  • Refill just like diesel & readily available



The EcoDiesel System™

Diesel Magnum Alternative Fuel Injection (Click Image) 

Propane Powered Small Engines and Mowers

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     PERC Launches $1,000 Commercial Mower Incentive Program (Click Here)

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