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Metered Gas Services

Built under the same stringent codes as natural gas distribution systems, CES can install a propane system that can supply subdivisions, apartment complexes or commercial rentals from one centralized storage tank. 

We provide everything for the developer or commercial property owner including engineering, permitting, installation and continual maintenance while eliminating the need for individual tanks and delivery trucks at each customer’s location.  Very often we can be in a shared trench with electric, cable TV & telephone making installation simple for the developer.

Buried 18,000 gal tank for 42 house development

Who are typical metered customers?

Strip Malls & Shopping Centers Office Buildings
Apartment Complexes Housing Developments
Mobile Home Communities Townhouse Developments

Monthly Metered Gas Service
for Residential and Commercial Customers

Advantages of a
CES Centralized Metered Gas Systems:

  • Bulk deliveries to one location allows us to offer end users the best possible rates available - including capped pricing and "pipeline posted" rates for our commercial consumers.
  • Eliminate deliveries to each consumers - practically eliminates truck traffic on site.
  • No storage tank needed for each consumer.
  • Pay for what’s consumed each month, not what’s sitting in the tank.
  • Meters are read monthly and an invoice can be left directly in the customer’s door for the gas consumed.
  • Propane systems & tanks are free from DEC, DEP & EPA regulations. 
  • No installation costs to the developer or the consumers.

Monthly Metered Gas Service
for Residential and Commercial Customers

CES will install a bulk propane tank at your location and a meter will be placed on your home or business.  We will monitor the propane tank level and the amount of propane used by the home using a cellular tank monitor dialer hooked to the tank and meter.  

Similar to a utility bill, we will send you a monthly invoice that reflects the actual amount of propane used the month prior.  This means you only pay for the propane you use, while having all the propane you need!

This service is offered at NO COST to our home heating customers on automatic delivery or commercial use customers!

Larger propane tanks means fewer deliveries!  CES will remotely monitor your propane levels and ensure your tank is always full without having to step foot on your property!  In addition, be prepared for emergency situations by having a large amount of propane stored on your property.  Or worry about a delivery truck not being able to access your home due to severe weather or road closures. 

Not a home heating customer on automatic delivery or commercial use customer but interested in this service?  Perfect for the second home owners, pool heater and generator users!  For only $139.99 / year, you can enjoy the benefits and peace of mind of our Monthly Metered Gas Service!

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How Does the Metered Gas Systems Work?

Eliminate Tanks at Each Location with Metered Gas Systems from CES
Each gas system provides every home in the community with propane from a central facility, eliminating the need for individual tanks.  The propane gas is distributed, metered, serviced and billed just like Natural Gas.

CES tech installing underground service tee


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