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Central Heat and Air Conditioning

Whether it's propane gas or fuel oil, CES has the abilities to install that new HVAC systems or upgrade your existing unit to one that is more reliable & energy efficient. 

By choosing Combined Energy Services for your HVAC services, you get:

  • Quick response times
  • Professional, experienced technicians
  • Comprehensive recommendations for your home's requirements
  • Fixed price quotes for all work; no hidden fees

Free estimates are available, energy consumption analysis are performed and heat loss design plans performed on every installation to make sure your system operates at peak efficiency for heating and / or cooling applications.

To schedule an evaluation, please contact CES at 800-874-1975.

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Furnace Service

Heating Systems

Having a broken furnace or heater in your home is not only uncomfortable; it can be potentially dangerous for you and your family.  Many people are unaware that a damaged or old heat exchanger can crack and cause fatal carbon monoxide poisoning in your home.

Our highly trained technicians will:

  • Evaluate the overall condition and age of your heating system
  • Diagnose the reason(s) why your system failed
  • Identify the services or parts needed to make your system reliable and safe
  • Repair your system to work safely and efficiently
  • Provide maintenance services to extend the life of your system

Heat Gas

If our technicians discover your heating system is unsafe, it may be more economical to replace the system with a new one.  Our team will provide you with recommendations, including advantages and disadvantages, for either replacing or repairing your system.

Call 800-874-1975 or email to schedule an evaluation of your heating system

CES works on:

  • Energy efficient furnaces & boilers (many Energy Star rated!)
  • Baseboard heating systems
  • In-floor radiant heating
  • Warm air central ducted systems
  • Roof-top heating & cooling units
  • In-line duct furnaces
  • Hanging radiant heating for commercial applications
  • Hanging unit heaters (warm air blowers) for commercial use
  • Direct vent gas wall furnaces & space heaters
  • Gas fireplaces & heating stoves

Converting Heating Systems from Fuel Oil to Propane

"Converting from Fuel Oil to Propane" Click on Video

Hot Water Heater Services

Water heaters are often taken for granted - until they break and you are left taking a shocking, ice cold shower in the mornings.  Without a properly working water heater, not only could you experience a lack of hot water, but also:

  • Excessive hot water, which can lead to dangerous burns
  • Leaks or flooding around the water heater
  • Dirty or discolored water through your tap

Our highly trained technicians will:

  • Assess the state of your water heater
  • Diagnose whether the water heater was incorrectly installed or whether there is a system error or damage
  • Recommend courses of action to correct any problems through replacement or repair
  • Properly repair or install a new traditional water tank or tankless water heater
  • Help maintain your water heater to maximize the life of the unit

Water heat

Tankless water heaters are becoming more and more popular due to the energy savings they provide.  CES can help you determine whether this type of system would be beneficial for your home, including the advantages and disadvantages of the various options.  Our technicians are fully trained to install the right water heater for your home.

CES Works On the Following Hot Water Heater Units:

  • Standard gas & oil water heatersRinnai
  • In-direct water heaters off central heating boilers
  • Commercial water heating for large consumers
  • Pool & spa heaters
  • Instant / tankless energy efficient gas water heaters

Air Conditioning Systems

You probably don't worry about your home's air conditioning until the system stops working... usually when it's 90 degrees outside.  It can be a helpless feeling as most people don't understand the inner workings of their air conditioning systems.

An untrained eye will not be able to identify if the air conditioning system is clean, if it is experiencing excessive wear or damage or if the compressor is operating properly.

Our technicians will:

  • Assess the overall health of your system
  • Determine the root cause of your system failure
  • Identify the services or parts that will bring your system into working condition
  • Repair your system to work as efficiently as possible
  • Provide maintenance services to extend the life of your system

In some cases, replacing your current air conditioning system is a more economical route than repairing it.  Our team will provide you with recommendations; including advantages and disadvantages, for either replacing or repairing your system. 

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